New Features Of Ashampoo Burning Studio 19 and Giveaway -

The latest version Ashampoo Burning Studio 19 will be released on December 04th , 2017! Burning Studio 19 is a. 

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Giveaway of FotoJet Designer -

FotoJet Designer is a powerful, yet easy to use, graphic design app that allows you to create unique social media. 

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Giveaway of IOTransfer Pro -

This is a special giveaway for 4 days get FREE code of IOTransfer Pro (worth $39.99)! IOTransfer is one of the. 

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A Closer Look at the Amazon Web Services Cloud Platform

By Techtiplib | On Tue, Feb 20th, 2018 - No Comments »
Amazon Web Services

Regardless of the cloud strategy that you want to implement, there is a great deal of information out there. However, it sometimes makes sense to get started with a computing ‘101.’ As the latest earnings report from Amazon indicates, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has the largest footprint of any provider in the public cloud market. For this reason, we will look at the basics: What is Amazon. 

Explore the List of the Best Smartphone Out On the Market

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Smart Smartphone Decisions 4

Do you think of upgrade your mobile? Do you not know which mobile brand available in the top position? Are you looking for the best smartphone out for this year? Well, you are at right place. Since the advent of smartphones, smartphone technology has traveled a long way and it continues to improve at the fast pace every year. Because of the rapid technology development and increased number. 

Demystifying Apache Spark: Understanding the Big Data Analytics Platform

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Incremental Database Synchronization

Apache Spark is the platform ranked first for large-scale structured query language (SQL), stream processing, and machine learning. This is because it is flexible, relatively fast, and developer friendly. Since its introduction, Apache Spark is becoming one of the most important Big Data processing frameworks across the entire world. Spark can be used in different ways as it allows native. 

3 Easy Tricks to Save Big Bucks on PC Games

By Techtiplib | On Mon, Feb 19th, 2018 - No Comments »
Games Console

Have you always paid the full price for PC games? If you’re the type who doesn’t shop around, then you probably answered yes to this question. But it’s always a prudent move to look for better deals out there. Even if it means getting a game for a couple of dollars cheaper, all that money adds up in the long run. You just have to spend a little extra time to find out where and when. 

What Everyone Should Know About Microtransactions and Loot Boxes in Video Games

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Video Games

Over the last few months, the internet has been on fire with people talking about microtransactions and loot boxes in video games. While this business model had always been a hot topic in the games industry, the spark really hit the powder keg last fall and no one has stopped talking about it since. But what exactly are microtransactions and loot boxes and why are people talking about them. 

Building Your Own 3D Printer

By Techtiplib | On Thu, Feb 8th, 2018 - No Comments »
3D Printers

3D printing is getting better and better all the time. With a thriving community and ever more sophisticated technology, there has never been a better time to get in on the printing revolution. If you do plan to take up 3D printing, then you have two options – buy a ready-made printer or build your own. We would highly recommend that you take the latter option, because not only is it. 

A Discussion on the Varied WordPress SEO Tips

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SEO Firm

WordPress is one of the greatest platforms that people can use for their content – offering many intuitive plugins and features which allow for people to complete web design practices easily. Not only this but WordPress also features plenty of SEO capabilities – If you are serious about SEO and gaining better ranking, this is something which you should invest time and effort into. WordPress. 

What Should I Spend on Bookkeeping?

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Every business needs to do bookkeeping. For most small businesses, bookkeeping can become a drag on sales if the business owner is doing everything. But these days, there are many different bookkeeping options that don’t involve the business owner doing it all, including outsourcing everything to a bookkeeping service. If you are making the leap to hiring a bookkeeping firm, we’ve compiled. 

The Offices That Your Startup Should Be Thinking About Moving Into

By Techtiplib | On Thu, Feb 1st, 2018 - No Comments »
Office Suite

A startup business is only as good as its first office space… so they say. So, make sure your startup’s first office space is, well, good! Make sure it is saying everything you want it to say about your business. Make sure it is providing your business with everything it needs to do its day-to-day work. Make sure it is worth the overhead costs that you pay for it. When making sure your. 

3 Clever Tips To Help Everyone Save On Their Smartphone Plan

By Techtiplib | On Wed, Jan 31st, 2018 - Comments Off on 3 Clever Tips To Help Everyone Save On Their Smartphone Plan
Smart Smartphone Decisions 4

Smartphones and cell phones can be very expensive devices. You have the cost of the handset combined with the cost of using the phone. As such, many of you may pay loads of money for your phone every year. Well, here are three clever tips that are certain to help you pay less, and save more: Trade In Your Old Phone & Pay A Little Upfront Some smartphone plans come with the phone for. 

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