Free Windows Repair (All In One): Repair a corrupt or damaged Windows installation in just a few clicks

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 Windows Repair can do the following:
- Reset Registry Permissions
- Reset File Permissions
- Register System Files
- Repair WMI
- Repair Windows Firewall
- Repair Internet Explorer
- Repair MDAC & MS Jet
- Repair Hosts File
- Remove Policies Set By Infections
- Repair Icons
- Repair Winsock & DNS Cache
- Remove Temp Files
- Repair Proxy Settings
- Unhide Non System Files
- Repair Windows Updates
- Repair CD/DVD Missing/Not Working
- and more…
Using – Windows Repair:

When you first run the program you will be introduced to 4 steps before the 
repair options. These steps are highly recommend to do before attempting any 

Step 1. Clean Your System Of Infections.
Trying to fix a system that is currently infected is obviously a very bad idea 
and can make things worse. An infection can hijack a machine and keep part of 
the repairs from running correctly. Since only part of a repair will work the 
other part that failed could end up causing problems. Rule of thumb before 
working on a system is to make sure it is clean. Even if you think your system 
is clean doing a scan before hand is a good idea.

Step 2. Check File System
Doing a check disk on the hard drive is a good idea. This will have Windows 
check the file system on the drive fixing any problem it finds. Corrupt files 
can break a lot of things, including the repairs. So making sure the file system 
is good is a must.

Step 3. System File Check (SFC)
The built in Windows system file checker is a tool that checks that the Windows 
files are intact, the correct versions and not corrupted. This is a good idea to 
do before doing repairs as if a file is corrupt and we try a repair that needs 
that file then the repair will fail.

Step 4. System Restore
Doing a system restore point is a great idea to do before doing any repairs. If 
any unforeseen problems happen after any repair than a system restore can put 
the system back to the way it was before the repairs. This is highly 

Start Repairs
In this final step you can choose between 3 modes.
Basic Mode: This will run only the most basic, safe repair options. Extra 
advanced repairs are disabled.
Advanced Mode: Runs more advanced repairs while leaving a few disabled.
Custom Mode: Every repair is available. The program will remember your repair 
choices the next time you choose custom mode.


Download Windows Repair (All In One) here

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