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Download the latest version of Google Chrome

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The latest version of Google Chrome is jam-packed with highly convenient features, including synchronization, tabbed browsing and privacy functions. By using your Google account, it can sync your bookmarks, browser preferences and extensions so that they are available on any computer once you sign into your account. This is advantageous because it allows you to easily access your own add-ons and preferences regardless of what computer you are using.

About Chrome’s tab, with a single mouse click, you can rearrange tabs, duplicate tabs and even drag tabs to open new windows. Not only can tabs be isolated, but they also function independently, meaning if one tab crashes, the others are not affected. Lastly, if you open a new tab from an existing one (e.g., clicking on an embedded link), the new tab is placed next to the originating or parent tab, rather than at the end of your list of tabs. This makes it much easier to keep related tabs organized and grouped together.

An special feature needs to mention about is privacy browsing. The Chrome boasts incognito mode, which doesn’t track your browsing as you navigate webpages. When a browser in incognito mode is closed, it also deletes cookies and passwords from that session. You can have browsers in normal mode and in incognito mode open simultaneously.

Google always allows users to have the opportunity to experience the latest Beta version before official release, after that you can try and discover more features of the Google Chrome FINAL!

Google Chrome Portable Stable

Download the latest Google Chrome FINAL here!

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