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10 best ways acceleration to boot computer

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You see my computer starts to slow and reduce the waiting time the computer boots? 10 article introduces the best way to reduce startup time by computer.

1. Remove programs started with Windows not required
The programs started with Windows as the computer starts slow significantly. You can check the programs started with Windows by typing msconfig in the run box with Windows XP and in the search box programs and files with Windows 7.

2. Edit Bios

When the computer begins to start to take some time to check the hardware although most of them are still operating normally. The computers are the newest Quick boot function allowing your computer to ignore the hardware testing. To enable this feature, boot the computer, depending on the machine, you press del (or F1, F2, F10) to enter the BIOS of the computer. After the quick boot enabled, you can reset the boot priority of the hard drive, optical drive, floppy drive … You should drive contains the operating system is booted first, when to change the priority First boot to repair or reinstall your computer, you can reset the Bios.
3. Off the hardware does not use
When booting, the computer needs to download a wide variety of device drivers for hardware devices, while some are rarely used. You can go to Device Manager disable the hardware devices are rarely used as a floppy drive, bluetooths, Modems … Just right click, select Disable hardware. To access Device Manager, type device manager in the search box programs and files with Windows 7 and in the Control panel> Administrator Tools> Computer Management> Device Manager in Windows XP.
4. Establish service user does not own at startup
Many people believe that turning off a service from start msconfig can help your computer boot faster, but doing so often causes computer errors. But you can set the service user does not own at startup. To the list of service, you can go to Control panel> Administrator Tools> Services (Windows XP) and type in the box search services programs and files with Windows 7. With the service rarely used, instead of selecting Automatic, you can select Manual.
5. Change the timeout in Menu choose Operating System
With the machine running multiple operating systems, while the Menu select will have time to wait to select the operating system boots. By default the Windows Operating System timeout is 30 seconds, you can reduce this waiting time by going to the tab BOOT.INI (Windows XP) and Boot (Windows 7) in msconfig.
6. Upgrading RAM
More RAM upgrade for PC is an effective way to reduce the startup time of your computer. Presently, RAM prices are relatively cheap so if possible you should upgrade to more RAM your computer.
7. Set a static address for the computer
When the computer starts it will take some time applying for the computer address. Therefore, to save time, you should set a static address for your computer.
8. Install Antivirus software and constantly updated
Installing antivirus software and constantly updated new identity does not reduce the startup time of your computer explicitly. But make sure if your computer is infected with a virus or other malicious software, then make sure the computer will boot very slowly.
9. Remove unnecessary fonts
When you boot, Windows should load a lot of fonts to increase boot time. Windows 7 to download about 200 fonts on startup when you only need to use only a few fonts. You can hide the font is not necessary to go to reduce the startup time of your computer. In order to manage fonts in Windows 7, type fonts in the search box programs and files. Check your fonts are not needed, right click, select Hide.
10. Instead of the old hard drive with solid-state drive (SSD)
Hardware device to cause slow your computer is pretty much the old hard drive type. There are now a new generation of hard drive storage is solid (SSD), if possible you can replace the hard drives of old with the new generation will significantly speed up time startup and operating speed of your computer.

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