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20 applications support for Android in 2011

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1. Google Voice:

The number of people using Google Voice support services is growing more and more, with system utility functions are quite diverse, Google Voice gives the user a fixed number, which can perform calls to several places or other support equipment. Besides being able to access all mailboxes from the Internet voicemail and text. This application is further integrated into the system, they can make outgoing calls from the numbers look like Google Voice, so the user completely to keep the secret of their real phone numbers.


2. Dropbox:

Dropbox is a facilities-based Cloud, able to automatically merge, synchronize files and folders between multiple computers using many different operating systems: Windows, Mac, or Linux. Dropbox version for Android can also integrate with other applications that support (eg Documents To Go) and open access to the document. The program allows users to use PDF files, images, text file format popular with drag and drop the corresponding device.


3. Evernote:

 Once you are familiar with using the virtual keyboard on the smartphone, this became an editor of the excellent and indispensable, Evernote is the choice can not be ignored in this case. With the way it works is similar to Dropbox to store data, but the synchronization process will be carried out immediately when you finish editing.


4. Advanced Task Killer:

One of the most practical needs in the management and supervision of the operating system for mobile devices is to ensure the performance and battery life storage. Advanced Task Killer – ATK is one of the few applications that meet this, just a few easy steps, users can easily disable many different applications, manually, or set up available.


5. Documents To Go:

The free version of Documents To Go provides application users to read Word and Excel file, but if you want to create, edit, or “embedded” more PowerPoint document formats they have to upgrade to full version – Full price $ 15. Besides, QuickOffice is a choice not to be missed.


6. Taskos:

Among the many applications support to – do (make prompt the user information) is Taskos proved superior than as a simple interface, ease of use and user friendly. One of the biggest advantages of this program is capable of identifying information through the user’s voice, all you need do is to say loud and clear job to do, the program will immediately show market specific information, respectively.


7. DroidAnalytics:

For a reason that Google has not submitted any formal application for the Google Analytics service on the mobile platform (Android or the iPhone), but instead you can refer to and use DroidAnalytics. An alternative is also useful mAnalytics Pro.

8. Google Docs:

If you often have to work with Google Docs (upload the file includes the Microsoft Office to Google’s services), this is the program needed. This really is an effective solution and inherit all the essential features of the document management program, except only one point is always open the file browser, not as regular software.

9. Tripit:

Among the applications that support users in monitoring and managing the Tripit trip is the best choice for you. With the mechanism of action similar to the backend system, users simply relay information via email confirmation of flights, hotels, tours car rental … and Tripit will automatically classify and organize them as appropriate as possible. Or in case you use Gmail, you can use the plug – in support to automatically gather the necessary information from the email, then apply the Tripit.

10. Places:

If you need to find a utility assistance in finding shops and services closest to your current location, the Places is the choice could not be better. From fast food outlets, cafes, taxi point, petrol stations… Places very precise calculations based on information from Google Local, in addition, the program is fully integrated with Google Maps stable.


11. Google Finance:

Extremely useful application of this often “forgotten” by the user, the program will connect directly to a Google Finance account, where you can organize and categorize the firms, stock Securities Trading … to add monitoring, changes in market prices, or create a portfolio – portfolios on demand. The program is updated in real time, so you have absolutely no worry when the next Google Finance:


12. Shazam:

You want to impress your friends with knowledge of his music, use Shazam. All you have to do is press the button with the icon Shazam, then keep about 10 to 15 seconds, the program will display all the information collected is relevant to that song as artist, author, album…

13. Audible:

With this application, users can connect directly to libraries and archives Audible ebook download incredibly fast and simple. In addition, the program also provides additional facilities to support the audiobook file has been optimized settings, make notes and bookmark information…

14. Photoshop Express:

Surely in most of our users, everyone knows the Photoshop application – image processing program Adobe’s professional graphics. The Mobile version of this software on the mobile platform is sufficient to meet the needs of users, with the basic operations such as change of scale, size, brightness, contrast …


15. Google Goggles:

Maybe some people will prove to be quite surprised at the feature “ahead of its time” of this application, Goggles can search for particular images. Users can capture images of objects, the program will try to describe the specific details and the item. Although still limited in a certain extent, but the idea of ​​this program is very attractive and will surely become a new trend in technology in the future. A different point of Goggles is photographed with text information in another language, then compile it to suit the user.


16. TED Air:

The TED conference – (Technology, Entertainment and Design) has been held regularly since 1984 with the motto Ideas Worth spreading. With this Air TED applications, users can enjoy the most audacious ideas of the characters involved is extremely popular in the world, such as Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Jamie Oliver, Brian Cox .. . You may not agree with some, but if you notice carefully about the topics they discussed, you will immediately feel the attraction and appeal from such conferences.

17. Google+:

 Immediately from the beginning “appears” (October 07/2011), also known as Google + Google Plus has attracted much attention from the world of technology and the user community. Also from this time, the number of supporting applications for the Android platform has increased significantly and continuously change and develop more new features.


18. Amazon Kindle:

Since the application was formally announced, the number of people using the Amazon Kindle has rapidly increased. The program is extremely simple, easy to use, more convenient and suitable for many users.

19. Speed Test:

If you are a frequent travel to work, then check the network speed is needed most. Among the many services and software that support the service has always received the attention and appreciation of the user community.

20. Astro File Manager:

One interesting point of Android is that we can grant access to the system low. Astro is one such application, support users in the file transfer system, in accordance with the tests related to engineering.

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