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5 best tips for Safari on iPad

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Although the web browser on your iPad not as strong as on the desktop, but anyone who choose to surf the Net iPad will have to admit that it’s a pretty amazing experience.

To increase your browsing experience more preferably, the following article we will discuss 5 tips are useful built-in Safari, you can start applying now. The tips and tricks to help you: web browsing faster, more efficiently and maximize the power of Safari on the iPad.

1. Activate Your bookmarks

The bar for bookmarks (bookmarks) on top of any web page in Safari will give you access to your favorite sites faster.

To activate the bookmark, go to Settings> Safari> Always Show Bookmarks Bar.

Thus, from now on every website will be opened in Safari have an arrow on top, you click on it to add bookmark. To edit the bookmark (as short as possible) and make sure it has been classified under the “bookmarks bar”. Click Save to save it. For other sites you like and do the same.

2. Using bookmarklets
Browser for the desktop, you can easily add bookmarklets like extension or add-on. For example, the Instapaper bookmarklet allows you to add an article to the list to read, and Readability give you a single text, watch free advertising of any page.
To Bookmarklets work on the iPad (and iPhone or iPod touches) do the following:
First, bookmark any site you like.
Search Bookmarklets you want to add and copy the link (n ‘Tell) to the clipboard.
Go to the bookmark that you added in step 1, edit the name so it matches the new Bookmarklets (ie Instapaper) and paste JavaScript code in the address field, replace the old URL.
3. Save time with AutoFill
If you always have to enter your personal information when using the web form, this is the time to waste. Instead, you use the AutoFill feature in Safari for iPad do the work for you quickly.
First, the Contacts application, add a new contact names and other personal information of you. Enter as much information as will save you time later. Next go to Settings> Safari> AutoFill. Enable “Use Contact info” up and choose your options below. If you want you can also allow Safari to remember my username and password.
4. Scroll box inside the box
Many sites use embedded box scroll box, or pop-up window scroll bar to bar (especially Facebook). If your fingers can not work during this window, use two fingers.
5. Add a link to the home screen
Safari lets you add any links to her homepage and launch it as an application. This will help you save time whenever you open the web site and favorite applications.
To add a link to, you launch Safari and access to the site to bookmark. Use two fingers to zoom on the area you want to appear as the “app”. Then click the arrow on top, choose “Add to Home Screen” to edit the name and press “Save”.

The site is marked bookmark will show the zoom area you choose.

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