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Applications necessary for Android phones

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Smartphone users will certainly equip your device faces the application from the app store online to reinforce your device. The Android phone too, you will definitely want to try the fire with applications on Android Market are provided to serve the needs of their use. The following article will give you a brilliant application which you can download for your beloved device.

1. Powerful photo editing with Photo Studio Fotolr Fotolr

Photo Studio (Fotolr) is an outstanding application to be turned on and iPad iPhone users, this application has “landed” Android integration with many different features such as image editing, image processing, portraits, visual effects, manage and share photo albums through a single comprehensive solution. You can download this application on your device at

With Fotolr, you do not have to use computers using the editing tools just cumbersome to apply effects to photos. Any visual effect that is commonly used for image processing are equipped on Fotolr, including functional drawings, resize, adjust thumbnails, add text, rotate images, create album cover or image classification, … easily.

The difference in this application is the appearance of the Quick Edit button and add the album. All of your album will be displayed on a miniature screen, just to capture images from your camera phone or computer is put in you can start editing it with Fotolr.

2. Access data is encrypted on Dropbox with BoxCryptor

Cloud storage service Dropbox users are used to store important data on one drive and allows remote access from any location. If you have conducted your encrypted data on the Dropbox software BoxCrytor probably will be helpful for you to access data from your Android phone.

These data can be accessed if the user prior to use BoxCryptor data encryption on Dropbox, that is allowed to read data through the folder or drive that BoxCryptor regulations. Applications use decoding mechanism to access content in real time so you can normally see the file contents. BoxCryptor now available on Android Market available at:

3. Capture and record images on the screen with Screencast & Recorder

The capture and recording video on the device display during use Android as a necessity for users to have more than a frame or two screens to serve different purposes. Users can also return your video to share with partners or friends your new ROM updated.

Screencast & Recorder is an application that lets you take screenshots of Android phone static with video recording capability with better image quality and allow for video file formats MPEG-5. You can find, rename, and delete all images recorded from the football application memory is used.
After installation, launch the application and click on the screen to start recording, the application will display a status icon on the toolbar notified immediately after the recording started. In addition to taking a simple animation, the application also allows recording custom ROM images, record the contents of applications and different games

The application allows you to select normal mode or high resolution, determine the direction of video frames per second and specify the default file name for all pictures. Video captured can be easily shared with friends. The free version of this video & Recorder lets you record video clips in 30 seconds, compatible with Android OS Froyo 2.2 or higher and can be downloaded from Android Market at:

4. Control data on the phone with 3G Onavo Lite

The use of 3G will make as many of your phone bill every month on spiraling up, so plan to use 3G data will save you a lot when using this high-speed connection. The free utility Onavo Lite will give you this and give warning to the IOS and Android when you reach the threshold limit their offer.

Onavo Lite is provided at and is compatible with Android 2.2 or higher with an easy interface set up, customize data plan and a range of options notification, tracking, monitoring and data display for your use. Restrict applications that use Wi-Fi connection, if it exceeds the limit, then your web surfing activities will be blocked.

The process of setting up the application only takes a few seconds to set limits using monthly data, daily and use the data information. It also has the ability to display sales data of each application so you can easily monitor the applications that are accessed on your mobile data.

Data Plan Advice button on the phone screen will launch a statistical analysis of the use of your data so you can check. In addition, an option is also provided allowing you to filter out the details used on a weekly basis or daily.

Onavo Lite now supports more than 240 mobile operators worldwide, providing comprehensive profiles for the data plan on roaming plan which provides more expansion options. When using roaming plan, the application will automatically switch back to default state if you back at yourself in the position.

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