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Buy drives for computer

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If you are conducting a search for equipment to upgrade the computer hard drive is probably mentioned. But how to choose the right hardware on the market today appear so many different types of hardware.

The hard drive will help speed the process of loading the operating system is significantly increased, the amount of virtual memory also supports redundancy as well as more applications will start faster. Currently, the price of a hard drive storage capacity of about 1 TB have decreased significantly compared to the previous day, even it can cost around 90$ only. And of course a larger hard drive means you can store things on it.

But how to choose the right hardware on the market today appear so many different types of hardware. Following article will give you insight to choose a hard drive best patterns.


If you want to buy a new drive, you’ll recognize a lot of information around the hard drive so you can refer. Capacity data storage is the simplest thing that you refer, but its performance is less clear. However, there are several indicators you can find will probably give you an idea best.

Hard drives store data as if the disk is rotating at high speed processing capability of the drive will be higher. Some desktop drive 3.5 inch size with speed 5400 revolutions/minute course work will have less performance than the speed of 7200 revolutions/minute, some 10,000 have the ability to work within/minute to provide a performance work great but the cost is significantly higher.

Another factor no less important is the distribution density, the amount of data it can store on a disk. The higher the parameter, the more data can be read or written to a certain mechanical movement, reading speed will be faster.

To compare the distribution density of the drive, just check our specifications and the ability to work divided by the number of drives. For example, most of the 2TB hard drive using four-layer disk, meaning that each layer 500GB disc, but a new hard drive is Samsung EcoGreen F4EG only use 3 layer disk, meaning that each class has 667MB of data, it has faster processing speed compared to a 2 TB drive four classes.

Hard drives also have a certain amount of cache memory (64 MB cache, but usually the most common is 32 MB), it is a buffer to accommodate the storage requirements for your data. It will be faster processor to get information if the cache is equipped with larger.

When selecting a hard drive, you should pay attention to whether the information let alone the average time to move a drive to a location data on demand, time to complete the search for content. This does nothing to ensure information is accurate and simple, but it will give you a quick index for your reference is good enough.

Western Digital Caviar Green drives a regular hard drive but is equipped with a data storage capacity excellent, its capacity to support up to 2 TB will allow you a lot of data contained on it, particularly especially the quality of Full HD video.

Solid State Drive (SSD)

If absolute performance is your highest priority, then you may want to forget the old drive technology and move to buy a solid state disk drive (SSD) instead. This drive uses flash memory instead of rotating the disk so it has many advantages, including fast first thing in the SSD can be seen.

For example, with a drive rotation speed 7200 r / min it may take 13ms to locate specific places to store data, but for a SSD drive, then its response time is 0.1 ms only. Read and write speed is faster. Although not as level of detail available calculations, but in theory the speed of read / write faster SSD drive doubles are. SSD drives are very quiet when in operation, generally use less power and run cooler than a mechanical hard drive format, so you may not need to equip it as the system cooling fan format the drive with a conventional engine.

But the most important issue is the price of this product. Because flash memory is relatively expensive, it means SSD drives usually have low capacity and high prices, you can buy a 1TB hard drive standard rates under 1.5 million, for example 120GB SSD drive but also the price of getting products up to 6 to 9 million, which is 4-6 times higher than the price of regular drives.

And one can see further downside is that SSD disks have a shorter life span than a hard drive are, by reason is the performance of flash memory more poorly when using iterative activities and over again. There are technologies that help minimize this, but it has not been formally adopted for years, but it remains a concern for developers.

However, if you can afford to buy an SSD drive, it sure is wonderful. Installing Windows and a few important applications on it, while other data you can use the format a hard drive on a regular basis, and you’ll notice the difference. It is a perfect complement to a mobile computer.

To compare the performance of the SSD drive, you will find data such as speed read / write up, the ability to maintain maximum write speed, maybe just some more IOPS (input / output operations per second) . SSDs are particularly vulnerable to the problem of control, so you need to check this drive an intensive before you decide to buy it. You can look at the test assess the SSD drive from experts to have a more general one.

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