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Dexpot: Free software to create multiple virtual screens in Windows

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Dexpot, a free program allows you to have more space to work on Windows similar to Mission Control features of Mac OS X. Although you may have very well versed in the maximum capabilities of your monitor or even set up an additional monitor to extend the workspace, but there are alternatives so that you can better layout of his screen work.

Mac OS X has built a feature called Mission Control, allowing users to have different working space. For example, you can just edit photos, playing games and surfing the web at the same time on different screens.

What can be done the same thing with Windows is not?

Use Dexpot, a free program allows you to have more space to work or multiple monitors on your computer. Here is how to use this software.

– Installation Dexpot: Download and install Dexpot. Run this program, you will instantly have four screens. To switch between them, press ALT and the number of screens. For example, ALT-2, it will move to the first screen 2.
– More screens: If that is not enough screen, you can add by right clicking on the taskbar icon Dexpot> Settings. Select the screen to add at the top. Arrange window.
– To organize programs and windows on different screens, please click on the icon Dexpot taskbar and select “Windows Desktop”. Then drag and drop the program from screen to another screen. Or you can click on the bar at the top of any open windows, select Dexpot> Move and select where you prefer to display that window.
Password-protect your work space: if you want to keep private a working screen, set the password by opening Dexpot taskbar menu, select “Configure Desktops”. Select the screen you want security and password. Dexpot will ask you to enter a password.
On more gadgets. To have more controls, more virtual screen, you can add icons to the screen by Settings> Plugins, and Extras. Select the “Taskbar Pager”. To select the 3D effect when moved, select “Dexcube” in the Plugins and Extras.
Download Dexpot here or here!

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