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Fix 7 common mistakes when using the USB

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USB storage media is the most common use today. When using this device, sometimes you catch a nasty bug. Following article will help you overcome some fundamental errors.

1. Computer does not recognize USB

May First you should check the USB device on multiple computers nhau.Ke to try reconnecting on the other port of the computer, especially for ports located behind the machine to table because there are a number of USB ports is not enough to provide leads to not recognize the device.

Besides, USB to your computer could have been identified but does not appear in Windows Explorer window fault on drive letter (this can cause the registry errors, virus damage …). To fix, go to Start -> Run type compmgmt.msc, press Enter to enter Computer Management interface (or via Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Computer Management). In the left branch you select Computer Management (Local) Storage Disk Management. Right-click the USB drive and select Change Drive letter and paths, continue to press the Add button, select the drive letter, check the item assing những drive letter and click OK. Then in Windows Explorer to check appeared yet.

If all else fails, you continue to delete Registry to conduct two courses 4D36E967-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318 and 4D36E980-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318 in the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control Class. Finished restart your computer for the changes to take effect. Remember, before manipulation, to back up the registry in case unforeseen happens by going to menu File -> Export

2. Cannot remove USB safety

You remove from your computer by USB function Safely remove hardware and eject media but notice The Device Generic volume can not be stopped right now. Try Stopping The device later and could not take equipment out. The cause may be due to some process that is running on USB. You try to turn off the USB program are accessed from the system tray, taskbar and in the Task Manager. If you should not be used Unlocker software ( Once installed right click on your USB device and select Unlocker. In the program you press Unlock all appear to turn off all active applications. Then proceed as usual USB withdrawal. If you have not been conducted Log Off or Restart the computer and use the Safely Remove is finished.
3. USB has been locked
USB devices are usually recognized without Windows installed with Driver. And if you have removed the old driver, install all the drivers needed but still having error messages or Found new hardware USB Mass Storage Device, please install driver for it is almost certainly the USB port on computer lai.Ban lock can be overcome through the BIOS, Device Manager or Registry.
  • Through the BIOS: after rebooting you quickly press F2, DEL, F12 … to open the BIOS UTILITY. Find the Advanced Settings or Onboard Devices menu (shortcut as well as this depends on the BIOS manufacturer). USB navigate to Configuration and set-in USB Controllers value to Enabled to enable all USB ports
  • Through Device Manager: First you press Windows + R to the Run dialog and type in devmgmt.msc for Device Manager. Locate the Universal Serial Bus Controller, right-click and choose Enable in all subfolders appear.
  • Through the Registry Editor: you press Windows + R to the Run dialog and type in regedit to the Registry Editor. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Service / usbstor. In the right pane double-click Start and enter the third item on the Value Data pane, and edit entries on the Hexadecimal Base. Click OK to finish. To disable the USB feature you change

However, if the USB port is locked by the specialized software such as ID Devices Lock, … then you only unlock your device if you know the password to disable the software.

4. Cannot format USB drive

In conducting the USB format you see an error message Can not format the USB Drive. Virus can cause damage by hindering the formatting process equipment, faulty equipment, …. The problem is that you take the device scan to eliminate the hazard, it is best to scan on a different computer then proceed to reformat USB.Ngoai you can use software CheckFlash ( to test and fix for the USB, and doubles format for USB functionality.

5. Cannot recorded data to USB
If this fails, your USB format can not be or write any data on it. First you should check your device can be equipped with anti burn button is not. This button allows you to work to disable the feature to copy data between computers and USB, are particularly useful for the prevention of virus. To make things easier you should use Thumbscrew portable software (download at After you launch the program right-click the system tray icon and select Make USB Read Only, remove the USB and then plug it back in computer software work. If you want to write data back to right-click on the icon and select Make USB writeable. The software has functions similar to a Write Protect USB, Formatter, …

6. USB disk surface errors

When connecting USB to the computer you encounter the Windows delayed write failed message-Windows was unable to save all the data for the file … To fix this you should use the Check Disk utility available in Windows to fix. Right-click on the USB drive and select Properties, Tools tab and click Check Now in the Error-checking. Check the second option appears and press Start.

7. Error lost all data on USB

There are two main reasons for this situation: the virus and destruction of equipment firrmware error. First you perform a virus scan and USB system in Safe Mode to destroy the entire virus then copy the data on your hard drive. At the same time, errors will cause the firmware of your drive flicker at no time received, not to copy the data, USB will report the amount as 0 MB even in Windows Explorer still recognizes the device. If the USB does not contain important data, you can manually update the firmware by downloading from the manufacturer’s website or search on Google. Firmware update process will cause data lost on your USB. If on that contains important data, you should bring to the repair center specializing in data recovery. Often manufacturers are attached to USB tool to repair its equipment. You go to the homepage of the company specializes in producing USB as JVJ, Kingmax, Kingston, Transcend … to download to use. These tools interface and simple function fit for most users.

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