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(Free PDF to Word Doc Converter) Freeware convert PDF to DOC

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Situated in the list of free software are the most popular in 2008, Free PDF to Word Doc Converter is a software to convert PDF file to DOC file. Thus, you can edit the content information in PDF file as text, images and still retain the layout of the document. Simple operation, easy, fast and the best thing is that “It is completely free software!”


1. Download the program from address: (size: 1.07Mb)

After installation, activate the program you will see the interface as follows:

Click the Browse button under “Select PDF file for conversion” to open the PDF file you want to convert. After only path to the PDF file and choose Open, then immediately the “Output file Doc” will appear Doc file path of the results. By default it will be the same directory as the source PDF file. You can change the destination, which contains the output Doc file by clicking the Browse button under “Output file Doc” to change the target path.

General Options section has the following options:

  • All pages: Convert all the pages in the PDF file to DOC file
  • Page Number: This option allows a few pages convert PDF file you want to DOC. For example you only want to extract from page 2 to page 9 of the PDF file, you fill in the second text box is 2 and 9.
  • Retains Shapes and Images: Maintaining the structure and image from PDF file. If you do not click on this option can only be converted to text.
  • Uses Text-box: Use the textbox outside of each line of text in Word documents are converted. Use this option to help keep the file formats DOC PDF file format close, especially useful in case the original PDF file format complex.
  • Default Font: The default font in Word documents are converted. You only have two options are font Time New Roman and Arial font.

In addition, the option “Open Document for editing after conversion”: open the file Doc result after the conversion process is complete. The “Doc Reader” to choose a software program to open doc file (MS Word, WordPad).

After you download and use the program 2 times, the dialog box “Just-for-once registration code” will appear to remind you, or register for a time and get the code to fill in the Enter Code below. Then click the Continue button to continue using the program. 

To get the registration code, click on “Get Free Code ‘in the dialog box that appears, address will be pointed to, and here, you’ll just have to answer a simple question often at the Question and enter the answer in the Answer 

Once filled out, click “Get My Free Code”, the website will give you the registration code to continue using the program.


  • Free PDF to Word Doc Converter can not convert the PDF file that is password protected. In this situation, you need to use PDF Password Recovery software to remove the password of the PDF file before converting.
  • Program you use for free, but you constantly have to repeat the steps taken to register a free registration code for continued use. If you want to use and never have been interested to ask the registration code used to spend more then $ 15 for a lifetime license to use this software.

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