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Handbook 18 tips for BlackBerry

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These tips will help you faster action, better management, as well as make use of the utility’s application BlackBerry.

1. Download free applications ColorID to know the recipient for you

BlackBerry will vibrate and LED lights blinking in the color you selected when you have new messages. It is useful because you can tell who the intelligent messaging without the need to pick up the phone.

ColorID application that allows you to set the LED with different colors, but when there are messages, email or call for different people. The full version of this application allows you to use more blood and liver for many people.

2. Clear cache and cookies of your browser

Clear cache and cookies but your browser does not help you to clean even the BlackBerry that helps you surf the web faster.

Caches are used to speed up browsing, but it is vulnerable and needs to move in a short time. You go to Menu on the browser, then click “Cache Operations” and then delete History, Cookies, pushed Content, and Cache.

3. Minutes of a camera flash black bar pin

Open the camera and press space to turn on the flashlight.

4. Delete old email and SMS

Messages will slow down much through the activities of BlackBerrry. Please delete the email and SMS messages per day or per week, you’ll see your phone runs a lot faster (especially when you do not have the capacity expansion).

5. Go brides letters

When you want to go rather have the head, or hold the home key, and then you use the touch buttons (scroll ball / track pad) to select the mark that you want to use to hold the text that you are measuring. For touch screen devices, you simply hold the letter key corresponding letter to obtain the bride.

6. Use the QR code to add friends to BBM

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is the instant messaging application for the BlackBerry smart phone users. QR Code is a matrix bar codes, bar codes as two-dimensional (2D) can be read by a barcode reader or smartphone.

If you want to add friends to your buddy list BBM, BBM you go to Menu and select the View My Profile. Then, click on “Show” next to the bar code bar code PIN PIN to display on your screen. Then, your friend must be on their menu in the BBM and click the ‘Invite Contact’ (the relationship), then the “Invite by scanning a barcode PIN” (new by scanning bar code). When measuring your camera friends it will be turned on.

You accept the invitation and for your BlackBerry before the camera in their BlackBerry, no bar code will automatically find your PIN. hold the phone until beeps.

7. Remove the text “Sent from my BlackBerry on AT & T / Verizon …” email below

Go to Option, and then click Email Settings and select Message Services. Then next to Use Auto Signature and change this field to “No”. Did you install is complete.
From BlackBerry Internet Service web site, you can also remove cycles this by editing the settings for email accounts.
8. Settings for BBM ringtones, text messages and email
If you’re busy, you will feel uncomfortable when to test for every email to.
In the “Advanced” section of the ring tone settings, you install so that when a new message arrives, they will vibrate with a different time depending on the type of message received. For example, you can set the device to vibrate once for email, 2 times for BBM or text message. So when the phone vibrates, you may know that it was kind of message are available, there are not that important.
11. People are quick to call BBM chat with you
If you have more of a user PIN to the contact information in the directory, simply click the Send button when you are chatting with him BBM then you will always be called.
12. AutoText shortcut up
If you see afraid to go full email address, you can create a separate shortcut to, but not enough so go here again. At AutoText you go to the Options page in the app and select Menu, then select New. At the “Repalce”, you type something like diachinha name, and then you filled in your home address to the “With”. When you saved the AutoText shortcut, next time you go to the Messages app, go home and spaces address, home address your full will automatically appear, you will not take a long time go full address again.
13. Use esquire rendering engine
When you go * VN * in BlackBerry Messenger, the implementation of Vietnam’s image will appear. In this list the muscles of most countries.
14. Hide it using symbols
When you click the movie BlackBerry, you’ll see a “network” but the application icon. Set your cursor on an icon and press the BlackBerry key again, then select “hide” the icon. Go much you can hide desktop icons to move your application. If you want to show again, but this application you can just click on the BlackBerry and you “Show All”.
15. Switch contact lists and calendar on Google
Google Sync for BlackBerry integrates perfectly, helps you to synchronize email, contact lists, calendar between your phone and Google’s cloud. This is a useful feature because if you save all the contact lists and calendar to the device, such phone that may be damaged, you will be very hard to find it again. If you install Google Sync, simply link to a Google account, and download that information about.
16. Email that has different colors to more manageable
You go to Options → Options → Security “Message Outline Colors” to install.
17. Check the calendar and do other tasks while on a call
When you’re on a call, press Alt and Esc simultaneously to display the task bar move. You select an application, then you got rid of the call. To return, you only click the submit button (Send). With this feature, you check the schedule to arrange a talk with that person is intelligent.
18. Find quickly contact people from the main screen
If you are looking for John Smith’s phone number, you just need to go and then J is S from the main screen. Measured between characters with spaces. BlackBerry will find all those who have the name begins with J and last name beginning with S. The above is a summary of 18 ways to save time more and feel more convenience when using the BlackBerry.

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