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How to Installation Windows 8

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How to install Windows 8

After “insert” Windows 8 installation disc into your CD / DVD, the installation wizard will appear to Windows 8. In the wizard window to install Windows 8, select the installation language (Language to install), the time format (Time and currency format) and keyboard input methods (keyboard and input method) then then click Next to continue.

Next, you press the Install Now button and then agree to check the “Accept the license terms (I’m sure you wont read đó document)” and click Next to continue in the next step installation wizard Win8 will give you two installation options: Upgrade – Upgrade and Custom – Optional. If you want to upgrade directly from Windows using version 8 on Windows, select Upgrade. In this article I will choose Custom (advanced).

Do a Custom installation option should be the next step wizard to install Win 8 will ask you to select the partition to install Windows 8, select a blank partition does not contain any data and space minimum of 20 GB to install. Note that is not selected partition is being used to store the operating system you are using. You can use EASEUS Partition Master 9 to partition the drive for free. After your selection, click Next to continue.

After the installation is finished, your computer will automatically restart. After completing the boot process, the interface settings (personalization) Win8 are displayed, please fill out the computer name you want into the Name field and then click the Next button.

If you’re not a computer expert or an experienced user of Windows, click on “Use express settings” set in the next step to choose to use the default settings of Windows 8.

Next, Windows 8 will ask you to sign in to Windows Live ID account to use. If you do not want to use this feature, click on the “Do not want to log on with a Windows Live ID” and then select Local Account in the dialog box that appears later.

If you select Local Account, a dialog box asking you to declare the name and password to create an account login to Win 8 show up, fill out enough information to fill in the registration framework and then click Next.
That’s Ok!

Now that you have completed the installation steps and that Windows 8. I wish you “stature” Windows 8 fun.

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