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How to view any file in Windows

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Sometimes Windows “because they” or “bundles” in advance some weird file format, not compatible. Try the following solutions.
Windows 7 and Vista for you to preview most file types, including multimedia files. To find and activate preview function (preview), go to Windows Explorer and click the Preview icon top right corner.
Unfortunately, the preview box is sometimes “bad witness”. For example, if a type of multimedia file that is not compatible with Windows Media Player (WMP), preview will not run. Do not worry, to preview the file format is rare in Windows, while still allowing you to open files with default program, download and install PreviewConfig. Download K-Lite codec will add functionality to preview the video and audio files such as Ogg Vorbis, DivX, …. NitroPDF Reader and download the program will “treat” the PDF file. If you are wondering in front of a file type that the utility also “bundle of hand”, or the search engine and type in “DirectShow” and the file type “stubborn” to search for a free preview program.
If you’re afraid, do not want to use all these measures, consider a stand-alone program with which to open the file to your bizarre. For example, it is VLC, a free program and handle virtually every type of video and audio files. With photos and graphic files, try the GIMP, a free application that supports a large number of file. To view and export the compressed file, you can use 7-Zip and PeaZip.

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