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Increase Laptop Battery life with the tools available in Windows 7

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The laptop battery faster is always an obsession with the user. Anyone who has a laptop to use Windows 7 operating system are always looking for ways to prolong the duration of use and battery life for your beloved computer. They use a multitude of software as well as tips to improve performance for power supply of the computer. But not many realize that the Windows 7 also possesses a useful tool to help increase battery life for laptop. That is the problem solving system (troubleshooter) are associated with versions of Windows as a tool to help users. Of course only one way that can help increase the use of batteries for your Laptop. That is the adjustment of screen brightness and removing unnecessary applications that must handle CPU constantly.

Using tools to solve problems (Troubleshooter)

To access this feature simply go into Control Panel and type in the search box of the Control Panel and select Power Improve power at the results.
If not found in the Search Box of the Control Panel, you can press F1 to open the Windows Help and Support, type Improve Power in the Search box. Then select the first line Open the Power troubleshooter choose Click continue to open the power troubleshooter.
After opening the Power troubleshooter window, the application will automatically detect and make the problem of configuration settings that your computer consume energy in vain, then sets out the number for you changes to reduce power consumption of the laptop.

Click Next to automatically corrected according to the standards you set should not change.

If there is no recommended changes to the configuration from the Power troubleshooter you can click View Detailed information to establish whether specific wall affect the machine’s power. And you can still find among them such things as Screen saver is on but the bottom is a note on Screen saver will consume more energy than when the machine does not turn into sleep state.

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