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Installing Windows from an external hard drive 8

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With a few easy steps, you can easily create a Windows installer Developer Preview 8 on portable hard drive

I. Create Windows installers 8 on portable hard drive
Step 1: you connect an external USB drive to create the installer to your computer and backup all data contained on it because the operation will proceed to format the hard drive data loss
Step 2: Open My Computer, right-click the removable disk icon, then select Format to open the format. Here, select the File System NTFS and tick the Quick Format done click Start
Click OK when complete.
Step 3: you proceed to extract ISO file of Windows Developer Preview 8 to the root of the drive. You can use the tool 7-Zip, WinZip or WinRAR to do this. If you have installed Windows 8 DVD set, just copy all the files in the root folder of removable drives.

Step 4: Next, open a command line Start -> All Progams -> Accessories, right-click Command Prompt item and select Run as administrator.
Step 5: In the command line interface 3 respectively, type the following command and press Enter after each line:
bootsect x:
(with “x” is the character external hard drive)

You will then receive a notification process is complete removable disks into the Windows installation to be able to boot 8
II. The process of installing Windows 8 (for installation via DVD and external hard drives)
Step 1: First, to USB or DVD drives installed on your computer and press any key to display a screen Press any key to boot from CD or DVD (if installing from the DVD). If you install from USB, Windows will ignore this step and automatically load the necessary files during installation.

Step 2: Next you choose the installation language (language to install), time zone (time and currency format), keyboard (keyboard or input method). You should leave the default settings and click Next to continue
Step 3: In the Install Windows screen, click Install Now. In the new License Agreement appears you check the option I accept the license terms and click Next
Step 4: Select the settings that you are, where you Custom (advanced) for new installations because it can not upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Develope Preview.
You choose to install partitions, note this hardware to have a minimum capacity of 16 GB. However, if you want to add more to install third party software, the volume should have a minimum capacity of 30 GB. You can customize the partition with the option Delete (delete partition), Extended (extended partition), Format (format the partition) and New (create new partition).
You choose the installation partition, click Next. The computer will reboot several times during the installation process
Step 5: After completing the process of copying the files will appear to you to interface personalization Personalize Windows
Enter the computer name in the Name pane and click Next to move to the Settings screen
Step 6: Settings screen has two main options are Express settings and custom settings
If you choose Express Settings, you can change these settings later. In this paper selected the Use Express settings you will see the options for Internet connection, the set of updates, … you should leave the default settings and click Next after each step to continue configuration
Step 7: At this step, you will be asked for your Windows Live account if not available, click on the option Do not want to log on with a Windows Live ID to skip this step. If a Windows Live account, then you can sync any settings on this computer with other computers running Windows 8 easily
Step 8: This will occur if step 8 you have Windows Live email address. Proceed to enter your email address and password, then click Next. Windows will complete the standards being set and the desktop in seconds. Now you can experience the Windows operating system 8

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