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Pin folder to the Taskbar in Windows 7

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In Windows 7, you can easily pin a program on the taskbar by right clicking the mouse to select Pin to Taskbar program. But if you want to put a folder into the taskbar, then that directory will become a part of Windows Explorer. Following tips will help you pin down any folder in your taskbar that has nothing to Windows Explorer. 

Option 1:  Pin special folders of the system

Firstly, right click on desktop and select New> Shortcut selected. In the Type the location of the item, you enter the path of the directory corresponding to the following table:
xplorer shell:MyComputerFolder My Computer
explorer shell:RecycleBinFolder Recycle Bin
explorer shell:ControlPanelFolder Control Panel (classic)
explorer shell:Administrative Tools Administrative Tools Folder
explorer shell:ChangeRemoveProgramsFolder Programs and Features
explorer shell:NetworkPlacesFolder Network
explorer shell:Favorites Favorites Folder
explorer shell:Games Games Folder
explorer shell:Fonts Fonts Folder
explorer shell:UserProfiles User Profiles Folder
explorer shell:Profile User name Folder
explorer shell:Public Public Folder
explorer shell:My Documents My Documents Folder
explorer shell:Common Documents Public Documents Folder
explorer shell:My Music My Music Folder
explorer shell:CommonMusic Public Music Folder
explorer shell:My Pictures My Pictures Folder
explorer shell:CommonPictures Public Pictures Folder
explorer shell:My Video My Video Folder
explorer shell:CommonVideo Public Videos Folder
explorer shell:Downloads Downloads Folder
explorer shell:CommonDownloads Public Downloads Folder
Next, click Next and then enter the corresponding name for the shortcut. Finally, click Finish. The default icon is the icon of the shortcut you just created the Explorer. So easy to get to know you should change the icon for the parameter by right-clicking on the shortcut icon and choose Change … In frame Look for icons in files, enter imageres.dll (or shell32.dll)> click Select frame an icon from list below and choose the icon you want. Then click OK two times to accept the changes. Now drag the shortcut you just created to pin it on the Taskbar (pin) here.
Option 2: Pin any folder
When done in a way you can remove the shortcut after the pins, but pins can only be a shortcut down the taskbar and can only be achieved with some system folders. To be able to pin any folder, you also do one way but in the frame Type the location of the item, you enter the path of the directory instead of pins to enter the command line as above. Then drag the newly created shortcut on the Taskbar to pins.
Option 3: Take all the folders to pin on a single folder
To save space on the Taskbar, you should put the folder shortcut pinned to a single directory. Doing it this way: First, you create a folder and copy all the shortcuts were created to pin on it (instead of pinning the Taskbar). Then right-click on the taskbar, uncheck Lock the Taskbar and choose Toolbars> New toolbar … In the window that appears, select the folder you created to contain the shortcut and then click Select Folder. Right click on empty area of ​​the Toolbar and uncheck just created two items Show Text and Show title and make sure View> Large icons. At this point, you may leave the Toolbar at the right edge of the screen measured or pull no closer the Start button as you like. Finally, click Right-click the Taskbar and select the item marked Lock the Taskbar Taskbar to prevent changes.

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