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Share Multiple Files of Any Size with Friends

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Dropbox and other cloud-storage services are quickly becoming popular for file sharing. These services are great for file collaboration, but may not be the best method for simple sharing because files uploaded to cloud-storage services remain on their servers until you manually delete them.

If you need a more temporary sharing solution, where your shared files are automatically deleted instead of permanently stored, KickSend may offer a better file-sharing solution. KickSend allows you to share large files or multiple files with multiple friends, then deletes the shared files from KickSend’s servers within two weeks.

Go to:

To start, click Start Sending Files and enter your email address and a password, or login with your Facebook account and allow KickSend access to your account.

A list of to do items appears, which may look confusing. You do not have to complete these tasks to use the service. KickSend limits its free account users to 1 GB worth of file sharing. Completing these tasks gives you more space to send files.

To send a file, click Send Files from the menu on the left.

Click Select Files to choose the files on your desktop you wish to share. You can also drag an drop files into the step 1 space, though this did not work well for us using the Chrome browser.

Click Send Files.

Your files will then upload. When finished, a green bar will appear stating you have successfully sent the file(s).

The recipients of your files will receive two messages from KickSend. The first is an invitation to sign up; the second is a direct link to the files you shared.

If your recipients choose just to click the link, they will see your files on a webpage, then click a download link. They do not need to sign up for KickSend to download the files.

If your recipients choose to sign up for KickSend accounts, they can then download the files from the Inbox link on the left of the page.

KickSend is a quick way to share files—for the most part. As this is a relatively new service, self-promotion is important to KickSend. The task list when you first sign into the service includes actions such as liking KickSend on Facebook and inviting friends to use it. This adds a confusing step to a file-sharing product advertised as quick and easy to use. When your recipients receive two separate emails from the service, they may not understand that signing up for the service is optional. While these are small issues, they may deter some users from trusting KickSend.

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