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Slideshow with Dual-Monitor in Windows 7

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For laptop or desktop computer using two VGA outputs, the use of Dual-Monitor features in Windows 7 for the screening and entertainment is essential. This article will show you how to use this feature may be an optimal way: To activate this feature, you press Windows + P to switch from mode to mode Extend Projector Disconnect. This feature is very familiar to those who use the Projector via laptop with the Fn + shortcuts “switch F7 or F8 keys”.

After enabling this feature, your computer screen is now two screens with two different sizes. This size is dependent on your settings and resolution screen (or projector) to allow the rest. For reference, in this article referred to the main screen of your computer screen is a screen display remaining two:

Powerpoint presentation used for 2007 or more is shown most often used in setting the session, reports, conferences, …. And is used by the laptop. The problem encountered is the resolution of your screen with a resolution of the projector is not synchronized, most laptops are widescreen (Wide), while the projector is square (Square). To overcome this phenomenon, after enable Dual-Monitor (Extend) in Windows 7, right-click your desktop and select Screen Resolution, the following window appears:
In this window, the item you selected Display screen left or click on the number 2 in the console. Then in Section Resolution you adjust the resolution accordingly, usually 800×600 or 1024×768, …. Complete, click OK to apply settings.
Changing resolution screen 2 in accordance with the resolution of the output device is complete. Now you begin to apply settings on file for Powerpoint presentations. First, go to Tab View and then in Section Resolution resolution you choose to use, the resolution is chosen to match the resolution you have set in previous step. Then select the screen to be displayed in Section On Show:
Now you try to press F5 to see how, every show will be correctly applied the changes that you have set. Used for video presentations or Word, Excel, … For the music player, file read Word, Excel, PDF, … you just drag and drop program interface on the second screen and select FullScreen to apply. This job can be done in most applications FullScreen function.

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