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The best touch-screen phone 2011

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Many touch-screen phone has been launched since the first iPhone release. However, not empty touchscreen also worth choosing.

Phone touch screen sensitivity is quite good is the product so that users can click, drag, zoom in quickly and gently. Here are the phone was rated as having the best touch screen in 2011.

Samsung S2 Galaxy


Brands Galaxy have restored consumer confidence in the ability to create a great phone by Samsung. Along with the Android operating system and touch screen technology impressive, S2 continues to follow that trend.

Product equip ultra-sharp screen Super sized 4.27-inch AMOLED Plus, bringing the power of dual-core processor 1.2 GHz 8-megapixel camera and integrated.
Apple iPhone 4
iPhone 4 release has received much praise for capacitive touch screen 3.5-inch size display technology used retina Retina Display. This really is a remarkable improvement compared to the iPhone 3G before.
The user will actually surprised how smooth and quick response on the touch screen of the iPhone 4 with operations collage, zoom, multi-touch… with 800:1 contrast and high 960×640 pixel resolution, iPhone 4 perfectly suited to watch these movies wide screen and sharp images as well as web browsing swallowing nà on clear display screen.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

Xperia Arc equipped with touch screen 4.2-inch brilliant. With the curved body design created for them to become one of the most comfortable products to hand. Products using the new screen Reality Display with LED lighting with Bravia Engine Mobile technology, allowing users to watch video, surf the Web master, crisp on the touch screen with the ability to respond very fast.

Samsung Galaxy S

Galaxy S equipped with the capacitive touch screen Super sized 4-inch AMOLED rated very high brightness of the screen. Resolution WVGA 480×800 pixels is four behind iPhone (640×960), but users can still get the vivid image, a black and contrast is really striking. 

While not brilliant after the “little brother” S2 was born, but the “theme” is still one of the touchscreen phone best that users can trust the quality of images as well as responsiveness.

LG Optimus 3D

While Nintendo to 3D screens without glasses on in the gaming device, LG was the first equipped with 3D display technology for 3D Optimus Smartphone.
Products equipped with LCD screen 4.3-inch Super, works on Android operating system 2.2 provides a vivid picture and amazing clarity when surfing the web and watch movies. Meanwhile, parallax technology helps the device displays the video games and 3D effect without glasses. While dual-core processor brings the power for 3D Optimus, two 5-megapixel camera allows users to turn 720p resolution 3D video, 3D imaging and convert 2D to 3D movies.

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