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Download new version of Google Chrome 14

Posted In Browser - By Jack on Wednesday, September 21st, 2011 With 1 Comment

Google has just released a new official released version of Google Chrome – Google Chrome 14 after months of beta deployment.

Google Chrome Final Version 14 includes two important technologies, allowing developers to create web applications and web-based game stronger:

– Web Audio API that allows developers to add Favorite sound effects.

– Native Client is a technology that allows open source code C and C + + is done continuously and safely within the browser. Currently, the Native Client supports only applications listed in the Chrome Web Store, but Google will remove this restriction in the near future.

This version also includes some changes to Mac OS X users Lion. Such as the overlay of the Lion scrollbar will only appear when you roll up-down site. In addition, Google also supports additional features full screen with shortcut keys to enable this feature is Ctrl + Shift + F. In addition, many bug Google has been treated in this Final version of Chrome 14.

Google Chrome Portable Stable

Download the Google Chrome 14 FINAL here

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