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The series ‘Hot features’ coming soon of Facebook

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Conference of the Facebook F8 developers will be held on 09.22.2011, and many people expect Facebook will announce some major changes at this event.

The following is a summary of some of the changes have been spread in recent times:

Music Services

This service allows users to share music, the song they are listening, there are many online music services involved in major new features. On Facebook, it will have a new icon on the left screen, where you often see the icon image, friends. This new icon will take you to the music control panel on the profile (Profile).

On this panel, users can listen to music from any music service partners that of Facebook, which may include Spotify, Rhapsody, Rdio, MOG, Vevo and some other music service less. Users will be able to introduce the songs, learn songs and music that their friends have or are listening to, and just a click away that can hear any song.

Still have information about how the service charge. Users may have to register before service, or can be purchased or registered for use Facebook Credit.

Sharing TV programs and movies

New York Times once said that music services are only part of the communication platform wider platform allows users to share movies and television programs. Hulu, the popular video service, almost certainly will be involved in this feature, but Netflix has announced it will integrate into Facebook.

Content from the major news companies will be integrated into Facebook

In July, Forbes has brought the news that Facebook will join the news business. Evidence that this company is working with news outlets like CNN, The Daily, and The Washington Post to create a special version can be read entirely on Facebook.

All changes can be concluded by the motto read, hear and see

According to AllThingsD, Facebook is using unofficial motto: “Read. Listen. View “to sum up all the changes. Facebook will have the buttons read, see and hear and even buttons Want (want) to let users buy content that their friends were in use. This new feature very suitable for e-commerce goals of Facebook. But this content will be distributed through the profile page (Profile). According to the Profile information is being redesigned quite a lot. This page will be a “quick record” directly to the user is always informed about what their friends are reading, watching, and listening – similar memorandum to the game that Facebook launched last month.

Facebook credit or a platform of payment is extended

In early summer, MG Siegler of TechCrunch discovered Spartan project, like a mobile application store, works on the Safari browser and other mobile browsers. Basically, this new feature will allow stores to create a Facebook application works on any phone without having to ask permission Apple, Google or activists repository for other applications. The project will be made love on HTML5 web platform inherently supports many platforms for web services in the future. Project Spartan project shows great ambition of Facebook in the web world hegemony.

Photo-sharing application for iPhone

A few weeks ago, TechCrunch also talked about the sensational rumors of this application. There are features like social networking applications like photo sharing Instagram, Path, and Color. We still do not know Facebook will launch this application as a standalone application or integrated into their social networks.

The other new mobile applications 

Facebook has introduced a new iPhone application called Facebook Messenger for instant messaging group. Previously, all the new features are added directly into the Facebook application. It is possible that Facebook will continue this trend in F8, launched a series of new mobile applications.

Stand-alone application on Facebook iPad

One possibility is that Facebook will be officially launched its standalone application running on the iPad. IPad users have previously used a similar application of the third party. Zuckerberg also said the company is working hard to speed up the application.

More integrated with Twitter 

Facebook has confirmed to the BBC that users will “soon” be able to update Twitter status directly from the Profile (Profile) on Facebook – a feature previously limited to the professional’s Facebook page brands and celebrities. There are already third-party applications that do this, but it seems that Facebook will now offer its own features.

Facebook Mobile

1 year ago, Dan Frommer of the SAI, the technology section of Business Insider news to hear the news that Facebook is building the foundation for mobile phone companies now own. This work relies heavily on those who build Android. This project was carried out by Erick Tseng, from the team that Facebook has hired Google’s Android. Since then no further information that instead of rumors about HTML5 platform browser-based, can work on any smartphone operating system does. Maybe a plan to build mobile operating system has been changed, but who knows Facebook to surprise the new mobile platform at the upcoming conference F8.

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