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TimeBell v6.0 – A useful application on a computer screen

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– TimeBell is an application to create a reminder in a GUI window.

– TimeBell program is simple and convenient in use. Owning a clear interface intuitively.

– TimeBell can remind you of important events that a notification message, play music, open a document or file, or start the program, shut down or restart the computer – the choice of time nominated by you. Number of alarms is 30.

Need a reminder? No problem! Set it up easily with TimeBell 3!

TimeBell 3 is designed with three key objectives:

– To provide you with a friendly user interface.

– Simple and easy to operate.

– Provides many useful features, but not an overload.

In TimeBell 3, you can:
– Create an unlimited number of reminders.
– Insert a warning beep sound.
– Turn off, restart, standby, log-off or hibernate at a time you choose.
– Run a program of your choice, open a selected file or open a web page selected at a time you choose.
– Run the task one time, or on a periodic basis (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly).
TimeBell third set includes the ability to:
– Run TimeBell 3 automatically when Windows starts.
– Minimize to system tray TimeBell 3 (near the clock).
– Open a window showing a list of reminders for the day.
– Display on the screen a particular calendar month, with the transparency option.
– Display a message box to be lost time reminders.
– Change the appearance, with a choice of skin, color and font.
– The program tells you hours of time with a pleasant female voice.
Create a reminder TimeBell 3 or actions:
1. Open the program and select the date and time. If you do not specify hours, minutes and seconds values will automatically default to “00”.
2. Select the action you want to happen in your reminder Displays text messages, run a file, open a web page, power management on your computer … and comes with a sound action alert!
3. All these actions can be set separately occurring or together. For each action, you can choose an execution time, or repeated actions in the period selected.
4. To edit a task, double click left on the tasks listed.
5. All the related settings will appear in a window where you can edit the settings.
6. After editing, click “OK” and all your changes will appear in the list.
7. You can delete a task by left-click on a job to highlight it and then click “DELETE”
8. When TimeBell three starts, if you select “show window”, a reminder list for today will appear. Then you can double click the left mouse button to see a message box lists the setup information for each job.

Download here: TimeBell v6.0

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