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Windows security features 8 blocks the ability to dual boot with Linux

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Several recent reports indicate that the safety functions to boot Microsoft’s new Windows 8 may prevent some users to run both Windows and Linux on its computers.

Matthew Garrett wrote on the blog Red Hat recently said that support for Unified Extensible Firmware Interface feature (IEFI) New Windows 8 will prevent any user to execute or connect to load drivers.

Although this is good news to prevent malware and rootkits at startup but it can also mean that users will not be able to dual boot with an alternative operating system, unless the operating system receives the signature of the certification body. According to Garrett, this does not happen if the system comes with Windows and other features by OEM partners included.

In theory, the simplest solution is to disable booting in safe settings UEFI, but it will not be partners if the OEM offers to disable the blocking set safety boots.
According to writer Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet, said this probably will not be a problem for the assembled system, with motherboard manufacturers include the option to disable the feature starts safety or somehow allow users to add code to the whitelist. However, this scenario is difficult for users to buy the laptop directly from the manufacturer.
Remember that Microsoft will continue to support the BIOS setup interface in Windows 8, so that users can perform a dual-boot between Windows 7 and Linux is not the problem.

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