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Capture Screenshots on Windows Phone 7 using Camera Button

Posted In Mobile, Windows, Windows Phone - By Jack on Thursday, October 27th, 2011 With No Comments »

Capturing screenshots is one important feature missing in Windows Phone 7 and also Android. But with the release of new Ice Cream Sandwich, the feature was made as in-built. If you use a Windows Phone 7 device, then you can try out the screen capture tool by XDA Forum member. This little application called Screen Capturer, enables capturing a screenshot using your camera button. Once installed, you can easily capture screenshots of our device, installed apps etc using the camera button.

Steps to capture screenshot;

  1. Click “Start Capture Task” to start capturing (A timer will start, and during this period, application will listen to Camera button event)
  2. You may need to wait one or several seconds, a message box will show up to let you know you can start catpuring.
  3. Navigate to any application, and touch Camera button to capture the screen
  4. A message box will show if the capturing is success, you can capture 20 images a one time (yes, you can ask for more if you want)
  5. When the Capture Task ends, a Toast will show up to let you save the captured image, tap the Toast to return to application
  6. The thumbnail will list and the captured images will stored in Pictures Hub
  7. Tap the thumbnail will delete the temporary image file in the application folder

More details on the app as well as the download link available here.

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