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Clean and Fix Windows 7 Registry Errors

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The registry for Windows based computers, whether they be XP or 7, is a bit more complex than most everyday PC users would like it to be. Over time, through installing applications, uninstalling applications, and software updates, the registry can become cluttered with errors. In today’s post, we will review how to quickly scan and clean the registry in Windows 7, to remove errors and other broken paths.

ccleaner for mac screenshot

For this tutorial, we will be using the popular freeware CCleaner, an application that has received countless positive reviews, and works equally as good as some more expensive paid programs.

To get started, navigate to the CCleaner homepage and download the latest version of CCleaner. You will notice that there are three versions to choose from: Free, Home, and Business. For now, just download the free version, as it still offers the essential core features, and it’s not watered down, like many freeware programs out there.

Once CCleaner finishes downloading, proceed to install it onto your computer. Upon successful installation, launch CCleaner using the path Start > All Programs > CCleaner > CCleaner.

From the CCleaner homepage, click the Registry icon to access the Registrycleaner. The Registry portion of CCleaner has several checkboxes which allow you to select which specific items that you would like to scan for.

Once you have selected or deselected items to be included in the scan, click the Scan for Issues button to begin. CCleaner works fairly quickly, and once the scan completes, the results appear in the right side pane.

Registry errors are very common, so CCleaner will probably find multiple errors on a computer. You can scroll through the scan results if you are trying to pinpoint a particular registry error, and uncheck certain items if you would like to ignore them. From here, simply click the Fix selected issues… button to clean the Windows 7 registry. CCleaner will also prompt you, asking you if you want to backup the registry. This is optional, and mainly a precautionary step in case CCleaner removes something or edits something in the registry incorrectly, causing an according program or application to not operate correctly.

Next, you will be prompted with each of the errors from the scan that CCleaner found. You can choose to review each error, or simply click the Fix All Selected Issues button to clean all errors at once.

That’s really all there is to it. CCleaner will instantly remove any potential registry errors.

CCleaner also has a cleaner that helps erase junk and temporary files that build up in Windows, and several other utilities to help keep a computer running smoothly. However, the Registry Cleaner is exceptionally valuable, because editing and fixing registry errors manually is time consuming and complex.


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