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Customize Windows Phone 7 Homescreen

Posted In Mobile, Windows Phone - By Jack on Monday, October 3rd, 2011 With No Comments »

Microsoft’s newest mobile operating system has a clean, elegant UI that’s easy to navigate and super smooth. The main screen is made up of what Microsoft calls “Live Tiles.” These tiles may show email count, recent photos from Facebook, upcoming calendar events, etc. Windows Phone 7 gives you the ability to customize the general look of this home screen as well as the overall feel of the UI. You have a basic choice of one solid color plus a dark or light background.

To change your Windows Phone 7 theme, start by press Home or Windows Button to take you to the home screen.

In the upper right-hand corner of the home screen you will see an arrow enclosed in a circle. Tapping the circle or swiping to the right will reveal your list of applications.

Scroll down the list and tap on Settings.

Here you will find the various system preferences to adjust. Tap on the word Theme.

Here you have two drop down boxes. Tap on the Background box.

Select either Dark or Light theme.

Tap on Accent Color to bring up a list of color choices.

Choosing a color will cause all your live tiles and highlighted text to appear as this color.


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