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Firefox 8: Adding four new features

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After rapid release Firefox 7, presence of the channel 8 Beta Firefox makes more excited about technology. After promptly fix the problem add-on in Firefox 7 with an extension and upgrade later, Mozilla has returned to the schedule of its development. 8 Firefox has integrated a security feature third-party add-on, delaying recovery until the tab clicks for faster boot process, integrate twitter as a search platform on the search bar . Even better is the add-on to manage the extensions you want to run the new version.

Supports Twitter Search
Earlier this year, Twitter has released an official extension for Firefox has about 65,000 downloads to date. This number is sufficient to confirm the user is on Twitter looking for certain things. 8 Firefox allows you to select Twitter as a search engine to click on the dropdown menu next to the selected search engine in search bar. Once selected, anything you type into the search bar will be sought exclusively on Twitter.

Add-on control

When upgrading from one version to the next, Firefox will usually run a process to check your extensions were compatible with the new version or not. Firefox 8 has been upgraded to allow full examination of this. When upgrading to the next version, users can select the utility you want to keep. From the utility you choose, compatible extensions will be available in this new version. Firefox will look for other updates to add-on is not compatible.

It is one of the other features, the extension of the third party is disabled by default. The extension of third party extensions included when you install an application or software on the system and is disabled when you upgrade.

Recovery Tab
When the tab is restored in a new window or when you first start Firefox, your previous page is loaded, all the load at the same time lead to significant delays before browser is ready for use. 8 In Firefox, you can choose to restore the tab so that the pages are loaded only when you click on them and not all at once. To activate this option, go to Tools> Options. On the General tab, check the Selected Until Tabs Do not Load.

Animation for tabs
Firefox also made a small change to the tab to help aligning the tab becomes easier with the built hop.Cac animation tab is now detached and attached a smoother and smoother.
Besides the security issues that have nothing Desk cai.Voi improvements CORS technology (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing), WebSockets, HTML5, Firefox 8 lets you browse the web more secure than previous versions so much.

Download Firefox 8 Here

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