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Fix errors when download on Mediafire

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Mediafire is hosting and free file sharing but it is good support for users in other services that have been enjoying the new fee. Mediafire because it is a choice of Vietnam. When users download from Mediafire some common issues, the following article will guide you to overcome.

Link does not exist:

On Mediafire Link sharing is provided to users after they successfully upload files to be shared. Link is often shaped: (where abcd is the random code). In some cases you access this path, then knocked out the home page or message like this:

Causes may occur due to your improper access paths (extra or missing letters in random sequence code). So you check the correct path or try to communicate directly with the provider link to verify. Another phenomenon is caused because you removed the link or upload from the administrator Mediafire. The files may violate the provisions of the website but using the banned files, files with content related to copyright. If you encounter this problem, you can ask the provider to upload the file or select a different sharing sites are not bound by the problem are entangled right.

Error no download is:
Here is the error that users most frequently when using Mediafire. There are many error messages that you can get great reviews but are currently not available files and require the user to go back after download. If such is the case you can adopt one of the following:
– Transfer files to your account and then download from here: Mediafire support for users taking files from other people’s accounts on your account. If you are experiencing can not download from the link that others offer. You click on Save to My Account to make.
– You try to delete cookies then refresh (refresh) your browser and try accessing the link. Or you can open a different web browser to access.
– Send a support request to Mediafire: This is the final solution if all measures are not feasible. You visit the address: their status and right faces (Free Account Questions> Questions about downloading files) then click Next fill capacity to form appears to send a request to Mediafire for their review and resolution for you.

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