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Free game: JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade Fundamentals

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“This Game Will Make Children Want to Learn Because It’s Packed With Fun Reading, Thinking and Math Activities”

Game Description

Help Children Enjoy Learning!

Give your children a head start that will benefit them for the rest of their lives! Children in first grade or about to enter first grade can build basic skills in math, reading, reasoning, creativity and more with JumpStart Advanced 1st grade.

Fun Activities that Help Children Develop Vital Skills

Children are sure to enjoy this colorful adventure and the interesting cast of animal characters. Children begin by answering a few questions about their likes and dislikes so the game can adjust to their learning style.

The wide variety of upbeat activities are arranged like games to make learning fun. Children can play soccer to learn letter sounds and rhyming, make pizzas to learn fractions, read stories to learn the parts of a sentence, ride a scooter to learn number and event orders and much more. Other activities include creating music, drawing, practicing money skills and more.

A Game that Makes Children Want to Learn

With so many unique and entertaining activities to do, children won’t get bored and they’ll enjoy learning! Parents will enjoy seeing how much fun their children can have while learning and both children and parents can see the child’s skill growth as the activities increase in difficulty.

At this vital time in a child’s life, this game will help children develop confidence in their abilities and develop skills that will be useful for their entire lives.



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