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Funny game: Zombie Defense Agency

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Have you had a long week at work? Then take a moment to relax with a quick bit of fun. In this week’s game your mission is to set up a solid defense to stop the incoming waves of zombie hordes using the various weapon towers at your disposal.

Zombie Defense Agency

The object of the game is to stop multiple waves of zombie hordes in each combat zone by strategically using the resources available to you. Are you ready to pit your brains against the zombie brawn?

Here is the “how-to” tutorial for the game…we have included all four screens for your convenience.

On to the first combat zone! There is only one zombie entry point to defend against here so things are working in your favor. We have highlighted multiple areas in the screenshot below that you should monitor while fighting the zombies.

At the top you have Lives Remaining (the number of zombies that can get past your defenses before you lose on a particular level) and the Cash Available to purchase defense towers with (buy them in the lower left corner). Along the bottom are the Defense Tower PurchaseUpgrade/Sell, and Wave Number/Game Control areas.

You can choose the type of defense towers you want to purchase by clicking on them in the lower left corner and then left clicking in the location you want to set them up at. Once you have everything set up to your satisfaction click on the Next Button in the lower right corner to start the battle against the zombie hordes.

Note: Hovering over defense tower types will display a brief description about the type of damage they inflict.

Burn zombies burn!

Setting up an “alley of destruction” makes fighting those zombies a bit easier.

You will have the opportunity to choose an upgrade type when you do well during game play. Only one choice can be selected on the screen, so choose carefully.

Once you have successfully defeated all of the zombies in a combat zone you will be presented with your score, the choice to move on to the next combat zone, or you can go to the Level Selection Area to replay the combat zone you just completed.

Note: There are a total of fifteen combat zones for you to battle zombies in.

This is the second combat zone. You have two zombie entry points to defend against here, so choose your defense set up wisely. Good luck and have fun against the zombie hordes!

Play the Game

Zombie Defense Agency

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