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How to disable the touchpad when typing text on a laptop

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If you already own laptop, you will encounter cases of miscellaneous running cursor when you use the keyboard to type. Reason because when using the keyboard, palm rest will collide with the laptop’s touchpad, led to record mouse cursor will move and change position undesirable, especially on a laptop touchpad too sensitive or new laptop.

This makes the content type encountered many interruptions, sometimes automatically trigger unwanted software… makes the user quite frustrated and annoyed. The following article will discuss some free tools to help users avoid this situation but you can still use the touchpad to normal when necessary.

Touchpad Pal:

A small tool and free, lets disable the touchpad on a laptop while using the keyboard to type text.
Download Touchpad Pal
After you download and install, the icon of the software will reside on the system tray, and Touchpad Pal will run underground.
During testing, the text editor in Word, click the wrong hands if the touchpad, the software will automatically lock the click that, and show a dialog to inform.
If you want to click the wrong number has been locked by Touchpad Pal, you can click on the icon of the software on the system tray. Section Clicks blocked the number of clicks which the software is closed. Click Hide button to put the software back to the system tray.
As a small software for free, have similar functions in the TouchPad Pal. The difference of TouchFreeze is automatic lock click when typing mistake in the show without notice Touchpad Pal.
Download TouchFreeze
Once installed and activated, the software’s icon also appears in the system tray. By default, the software will automatically launch with Windows. If you want to start automatically disable this, right click on the icon, uncheck the option ‘Load at System startup’.
Unlike the TouchPad Pal, the software does not count the number of times already automatically lock the touchpad on the laptop wrong click. In addition to two on the way, with some laptop models equipped with features for disabled use touchpad and external mouse, you can see the manual of your laptop is using to establish how appropriate.

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