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ImageBot: Simple Image Editor That Imports & Saves Images To Facebook

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AviaryPixlr and the Photoshop web app are all online image editors that give you a lot of features; you can literally do anything to your images, and even professional designers might have used them at some point for a quick edit or two. While the apps are feature rich, they aren’t something everyone would use for the simple reason that not everyone knows what all those tools are for, nor do they need them.ImageBot is an image editing web application for the regular Joe, who wants to enhance a picture by adding a few effects here and there, but doesn’t really get Photoshop. The app lets you add general effects that you would want to enhance a picture with, like blur, shadow, color, resize etc., but with a layer feature so that you can edit or remove effects at any time. Additionally, the app connects directly with your Facebook account and imports imaged from albums, so you can open and edit them directly.

ImageBot isn’t just for editing Facebook pictures; you can drag & drop any image from your system or enter a URL, and the app will import the image. The layout is simple; the toolbar on the top lists the general menus like File, Edit, View, Layer, Object, Windows Help. Five buttons just below these menu options let you create a new imageopen an existing image (you can alternatively drag & drop them on to the canvas) save any changes you make to the image, import an image from a URL or open an imagefrom one of your Facebook albums.

All effects and most controls are on the left. The app has been developed by FlamingText, and gives you access to several graphics from the site. The Library allows you to add shapes, stickers, logos (effects) and image effects, or import images from Facebook. Select any category and all sub-options will be listed. All effects are previewed in the same panel.

The app gives you a limited choice in colors when adding shapes or entering effects, and is one reason that it is for the amateur photo editor. Defining a fill color and a stroke color is much simpler; clicking a color sets it as the fill color and holding Shift and clicking a color sets it as the stroke color. You can set the stroke’s opacity, style, width and blur from the properties window on the right. Layers can be added, removed or reordered either from the Layers menu, or from the layers window just below the Propertieswindow.

To apply an image effect, you must select an object or for the Image effects to be active. To enter text, click the (T) button on the left; to flip or rotate an image, click one of the four green arrow buttons on the top. You may group several images together. To change the canvas size, go to File > Document Properties.

All tools are located in the Library panel on the right, and you can simply select the image you want to use a tool on or apply an effect to, and click Image effects. The sub-menus available under image effects include Border, Tools, Color, Light & Shadow, Blur and Fun. Under Tools you will find options to edit the picture, and under Fun, you can enter several types of graphics from FlamingText to your image. You can save images in JPEG or PNG format, or in SVG (ImageBot format). Alternatively, you can save them directly to Facebook. To save an image, click the Save button to open the save dialog box. Images are saved to your browser’s default download folder.

Not to be confused as an alternative to one of the more-feature-rich image editors, this app is simply meant to give you an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand image editor that might add a few simple effects to pictures you want to upload to Facebook.

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