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Mail Unread Menu: Check Mac Mail App’s Unread Emails From Menu Bar

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Do you find it tedious to open Mac Mail app just to check unread messages from each configured email account? Mail Unread Menu is small menu bar app for Mac OS X to keep track of unread emails and email related updates for all configured email accounts.  It includes a dynamic menulet that shows the total number of unread messages on system menu bar. Clicking that menulet reveals all those email folders which contain an unread message. Additionally, it provides direct links for bringing Mac Mail app to front from Mac OS X workspaces (virtual desktops), composing new message, and checking new emails from email accounts.Mail Unread Menu is highly customizable in terms of changing items in menulet list. You can choose to show account names in the list, enable double-click to open Mac Mail app interface, include subject lines of unread emails, bind launch of Mail Unread Menu with Mail app, and display unread message count from defined email accounts. It shows each type of unread message count with different colors and fonts to help you easily identify the type of unread message count. You can change font family, background color and icon for Unseen Mail, New Mail, and No New Mail notification.

When you launch the application, it starts calculating total number of unread messages from all mailboxes. Once done, it displays the count alongside its menu bar icon.

Once done, click the icon to view the number of unread items for each mailbox. When you select a mailbox from the list, it immediately opens the Mac Mail app and displays the unread mails from selected mailbox. By default, it doesn’t show account name with mailboxes. However, you can enable this option from Preferences. From General section, you can enable options to show account names in list, display subject lines of unread emails, and launch and quit Mail Unread Menu with Mail app.

If you want to view unread mail count from only inbox folder, select Inbox from Display count from drop-down menu in Unread Count section. From underneath the General section,  you can configure appearance settings, including icon, font and background color, for Unseen Mail, New Mail and No New Mail unread message count.

Unread Mail Menu makes it easy to check unread mail items from Mac Mail app mail accounts. The application would’ve been more useful if it had the option to mark all unread mail items as read.

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