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Official Hotmail Client Debuts On The Android Market

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Another major player shifts its gaze to Android.  Microsoft has just released its Hotmail client to the Android Market with several handy features such as push mail, option to sync calendar/contacts and send/receive attachments with mails. The app supports syncing mails from multiple Hotmail accounts and lets you forward your mails to folders/sub-folders. In addition, users can avail extensive search options (for contacts) and customize the app to their liking by modifying the general settings and/or the settings for a particular mail account. There’s also an option to secure the app using a pincode. Details, screenshots and download link to follow.

The news of the release of the official Hotmail client for Android would be more than welcoming for Hotmail users who have had to wait for so long. With the app being released now, Hotmail users can have access and respond to all their emails from multiple accounts at one place. Although the app alerts you of all your mails via status bar notifications, you also have the option to manually check for new mails.

Coming to the app’s interface, you’ll find several tabs on the homescreen that include a Home tab, All Emails tab, Search tab and additional tabs for individual email accounts titled according to their respective usernames.


The Home tab contains all your various Hotmail accounts. For each account, you can opt to keep the push mail option enabled/disabled by tapping Menu > Pause.

The All Email tab shows emails from all the synced accounts. Long pressing on an emaillets you reply to it, delete it, forward it, mark it as read or move it to another folder. While on the email screen, all the aforementioned options can be accessed by pressing Menu as well. The same menu contains additional options such as Save to calendar and Show/Hide images within that mail.

You can access the app’s general settings while on the Home tab by pressing Menu > General Settings. From this screen, you may modify the notification settings, attachment settings (by specifying the default download folder) and enable/disable app lock using a pincode.


By tapping Menu > Account Settings while within a tab dedicated to a particular username, you can customize various settings such as specifying the number of days to display mails for, maximum size of your messages, Email format (HTML or plain text), signatures and mail folders that you want to be synced. In addition, you can also specify whether you wish to sync your Hotmail contacts, calendar or both and set the synchronization type to push or pick a predefined sync time manually. To remove a particular account, navigate to the last option in the Accounts Settings menu and tap Remove Account.

The app’s Quiet Time feature allows you to specify the timings when automatic syncing should be disabled. For instance, at nights, for specific weekdays, while roaming or even when your device is running low on battery.


The app is now available in the Android Market for free. You may download the app via the Market link or QR code provided below.

Download Hotmail For Android

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