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ProCapture: Handy Camera Replacement App For Android With Wideshots

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Although the Android Market is brimming with plenty of free/paid camera replacement apps, most of them contain, more or less, somewhat limited set of features, meaning that you have to rely on multiple apps to fulfill your photo-capturing needs. For instance, there are apps like Pano that are primarily aimed at capturing panoramic images, while others might support just a handful of post-processing features (filters, effects et al) for your images. ProCapture is yet another handy camera replacement Android app that, apart from providing basic photo grabbing features such as adjustable focus, color effects, exposure/zooming levels, white balance, flashlight and picture quality, lets you capture high quality wide-angle shots (for up to 3 images), and panoramic images (up to 12 images) with utmost ease. More to follow after the jump.

The app supports capturing images in bursts, as well as in timer mode. Through its Noise Reductionmode, ProCapture shoots a couple of images (at same position) in tandem, and combines them to produce a comparatively smoother output. In addition to all aforementioned features, it also comes with support for on-screen grid and Fibonacci Spiral guide (for off-center image focusing), and top of it all, sports a simple-to-use interface to provide you a near-perfect professional photo capturing experience through your device’s camera.

The extended photo-shooting capabilities of ProCapture must be commended for the fact that the app amalgamates most of the features that come with Android’s stock camera app, as well as with camera apps of various custom ROMs and other third-party developers. All snaps, under various capturing modes, are grabbed at a swift pace, and depict quality of the highest order. However, time taken to process captured images might vary, depending upon the selected picture quality and other attributes.

Not only is capturing wideshots and panoramic images free via ProCapture, but the process is actually much simpler than what other alternative apps have to offer. Once you begin capturing images sequentially, a semi-transparent, on-screen guide of previous image provides you a fair idea of your next shot, and even if you miss a tad (but only a tad) with any of your subsequent shots, the app compensates your mistake by automatically stitching/adjusting the image accordingly.

Although the app’s camera interface carries a switch button for image/video capturing mode, it does not support recording videos (as of now) – a big miss considering it could’ve otherwise emerged as a strong contender for being your ideal camera replacement app. Apart from that, most of the app’s features are easily accessible, and work quite smoothly. ProCapture uses Android’s default location/folder(/sdcard/DCIM/Camera) to store all the images.

Although the version of ProCapture provides you access to all the aforementioned features, higher resolution images can only be captured with the full (paid) version of the app which is available in the Android Market for $3.85. Market links to the free and paid version of ProCapture are provided below, along with their respective QR codes.



Download ProCapture (Free)

Download ProCapture (Paid)

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