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Teachmaster is a program that helps you learning new words/vocabulary more efficiently

Here you can download Teachmaster for free. What’s new?

Teachmaster is bilingual (English/German), but there are other language files available. Teachmaster is a “portable software”, more information can be found here.

Teachmaster 4.3 ( Size: 912 kB
Date: 7 February 2009
Teachmaster 4.3 as ZIP file (837 kB)
(Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP/Vista/7)

Additional software for easily entering special characters: Keymaster

Benchmark: Teachmaster shows how many milliseconds it takes to load a vocabulary file. This way you can compare the speeds of different computers. The file (25 kB) contains three vocabulary files with different sizes (containing resp. 300, 3000 or 30000 entries).

Since version 3.9, there are new sounds included for “word right” resp. “word wrong”. If you prefer the old sounds, you can download them here.

Richtig (63 kB)
Falsch (51 kB)

Via teachmaster

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