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Weather+ Brings Its Weather Forecast & Flip-Clock Widgets To Android

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Weather apps have been setting the smartphone world on fire for quite some time now. Detailed weather forecasts, complete with all the various parameters such as humidity, barometer, precipitation, visibility, chance of rain, cloud covers et al, when combined with elegant looking homescreen widgets, impart an altogether refreshing look to your device. Couple all the aforementioned features with HD videos and a darker variant of the HTC Sense flip-clock widget and you get Weather+. Powered by International Travel Weather Calculator and initially released as an iOS-only app, Weather+ has eventually made it to the Android Market. Details, screenshots and download link to follow.

By default, the app displays the flip-style clock widget along with the current temperature as well as daily, hourly and weekly weather forecast. The best part of the entire deal is the HD video clips that play in the background to depict the exact time of the day and the how the weather would feel in relevance with the predicted forecast.

If you feel the homescreen is too content-heavy, you have the choice of picking from various customizable layouts from within Menu > Layouts.

While on the app’s main interface/homescreen, tap Menu > Locations > Add location to add a new location.  Long-press on a location to Change City Details (city, country, GMT, latitude & longitude) or to Remove Location. To switch between cities, simply swipe left/right while on the app’s homescreen.

The true beauty of the app is unveiled when you tap on a weather icon. Not only does tapping an icon update the entire weather forecast along with parameters for the selected day but it also updates the video in the background. Tapping on the hour tile on the app’s clock widget switches between your time and the local time of the selected city.

The app’s settings (Menu > Settings) can be tweaked to adjust the opacity levels of its background and foreground, to specify units for distance and temperature as well as the Weather Update Rate.

To add the Weather+ Clock widget, long press on a vacant spot on your homescreen. Pick Widgets > Weather+ Clock, select a city and you’re done. The widget, along with displaying current time, date and weather conditions for the selected city, displays brief weather forecast and can be tapped to lauch the app’s main interface.

With a staggering size of 96 MB (courtesy of the HD video clips that come packed with it), Weather+ is certainly among the bulkiest apps around on app stores of any platform; let alone the Android Market. With similar alternatives such as Beautiful Widgets, GO Weather and BeWeather already raking rich accolades among worldwide users with radar maps, custom backgrounds and downloadable maps etc., the popularity of Weather+ largely depends upon the extent of additional features and eye-candy  that they can offer.

The free version of Weather+ allows adding no more than two locations of your choice. In order to add multiple locations, you’ll have to purchase the paid version of Weather+ that is available in the Android Market for $1.41 (as of now).

Market links to both variants of Weather+ are provided below along with their respective QR codes.

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