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Download Kingsoft PC Doctor – Optimize and secure your system for Free

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The company “Kingsoft Security” has released a new product called Kingsoft PC Doctor is a freeware and free registry Cleaner which provides a more stable, productive and safe operation of Windows system through rapid detection and removal of Malware. Its main purpose is to detect and remove viruses and other malicious software from your computer. The program allows you to close the gaps in the protection of Windows, clean it from garbage files, etc. It uses two special engines V10 Antivirus Engine and Cloud Security Engine.

The interface of the program is very stylish and easy for understanding.

kingsoft-pc-doctor-free registry Cleaner

The main interface of the program consists of five tabs: “Home”, “Security”, “Optimizer”, “Cleaner”, and “Utilities”. Every tab has its functions for optimizing and protecting the computer.

The tab “Home” gives us the main information about  the program and about the computer. After the first start of the program you can see this tab “Home” and diagnose your computer for vulnerabilities. The diagnostic scan is very  fast. It takes about three minutes to scan the whole computer. After scan you can see all the vulnerabilities of your computer and repair them immediately  by clicking the buttons “Repair” and “Clean”.  The tab “Home” also have the special quick gadgets menu on the right for accessing the main optimization functions, such as ‘Privacy”, “Startup”, “Registry”, etc. But, they can be accessed from other tabs too.  It is very convenient because you can use these main useful  functions  immediately without accessing other tabs. In this tab you can also your computer Web and System protection.

The Second tab is called “Security” which consists of four sub-tabs: 1.Trojan Scanner, 2. Plugin Cleaner, 3. System Repair, 4. Vul Fix.

The first sub-tab “Trojan scanner” is designed for scanning and removing Trojans. It has three scanning modules: Fast Scan (default), Full Scan and Custom scan.

Fast scan was relatively fast. It took 6 minutes and 57 seconds to scan my 6986 files and CPU usage was moderate, about 15%. Full scan was more complicated and long because it scanned all the computer for  trojans. It took about two hour to scan. I think it is a very long time. It scanned my two disks. C-disk ( system disk ) has capacity 160Gb and used space of it is 25 GB, and my D-disk has 500Gb and used space is 85Gb. After scan you can see the detailed information about infected files and you may add it to a trusted group ( of course, if you think that it is clean ) or delete it. CPU usage was very variable during full scan-from 20 to 50%. The only problem which I had during the full scan was that it did not stop scan after clicking the stop button. The pause button worked fine.

The second sub-tab of “Security tab” is called “Plugin Cleaner”. Here you can manage your browsers plugins. After very fast scanning for plugins ( it took only one minute ) you can see all the plugins which are installed in your browsers.  All plugins are divided to suspicious and trusted plugins.  You can delete suspicious plugins or add them to trusted list. I think this feature is very useful for everybody because it gives opportunity to manage all the plugins with easiness.

The third sub-tub of “Security” tab is “System Repair”. By the help of this function you can detect and repair system abnormalities, and fix them. Also you can desktop icons and start menu items. After scanning you can see the detailed list of found system abnormalities and repair them. Scan takes about five minutes.

The fourth sub-tab is called “Vul Fix”. It is specially designed for scanning for Vulnerabilities. By using it you can fix any Windows update problems because it warns you about those important updates which you have not installed yet.

The third main tab is “Optimizer”. It consists of three sub-tabs: 1.One click, 2. Startup Booster and 3. History. “One click” optimizer allow you to optimize the computer very fast. It can scan for the main computer features and gives you the list of software and system settings which can be optimized quickly.  “Startup Booster” gives you opportunity to manage startup programs. You can see all the programs which start with the Windows. Also you can see the running service items and easily configure them.  In the sub-tub “History” is kept all information about your operations.

The fourth main tab is “Cleaner”. It consists of five sub-tabs: 1.” Junk Cleaner”, 2. “Privacy Cleaner”, 3. “Registry Cleaner”, 4. “Large files”, 5. “OS Thinner”.  “Junk Cleaner” cleans all trash and unneeded files that occupies a valuable disk space. The scan is very fast. After it you can see all the junk files which can be deleted and save the disk space, for example, temporary files, thumbnail cache, memory dump files , etc. “Privacy Cleaner”  helps you to clean Internet browsing history. It supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Maxthon and Google Chrome browsers. You can clean cookies, Internet history , etc.  You can also clean System Privacy files, for example, log files, recent application history, recent file history, and many more. You can also do some other cleaning operation, for example, clean some software , compression and media players using. I think it is very useful feature because it helps to keep your computer activities safe from others. “Privacy Scan” is very fast. It takes only minute. After scanning you can easily select all privacy traces which can be deleted from the full and detailed list. The sub-tab “Registry Cleaner” scans for errors Widows registry, and after scan which takes only seconds, the list of errors in Windows registry. It has also function automatically to back up the changes which was made after cleaning. By the help of the sub-tab “Large files” you can find information about those files which use the main disk space. The sub-tab “OS thinner” is designed for cleaning many useless files, such as help files, etc.

The fifth main tab is “Utilities” which consists of three hot tools: 1. Traffic monitor, 2. System booster, 3.Registry cleaner. Traffic monitor displays all you network traffic and its statistics. System monitor displays information about running and open programs in your system. You can accelerate system performance by clicking on the button “Boost”. But effectiveness of this feature is very low, and it needs further development. After using this feature computer performance was the same as before.

In the special tab “Settings” you can manage your program preferences.


Kingsoft PC Doctor is an effective program for computer security. It has many useful features for this. I have tested its effectiveness on my Windows 7 Home premium. Results are following:

1.  Fast scan for Trojans is very quick, only 6 minutes. I can’t say anything about detection rate because it did not find any trojan in my computer. The full scan is very long and boring. Sometimes the scanning process freezes. I think two hours are very long time for such a program. I hope it will be corrected later after releases of newer versions.

2. “Plugin Cleaner” in my opinion is very useful module of this program. It gives you opportunity to manage all browser plugins very easy. But it detected my Snagit plugin for Internet Explorer as unsafe. I do not know why.

3. “System Repair” is also very useful, but I think you must use it very carefully. Its scanning results are good. It has found some abnormalities which Tuneup utilities 2012 can’t find. But I think it needs further improvements.

4. I think “Vul Fix” is useless feature of this program because Windows automatically downloads all security and critical updates. And if you have your windows update turned on, it is not a problem at all. But it is useful in some way for those who do not have Windows update turned on.

5. “Cleaner” is a very needful feature for everybody who does not know everything about Windows registry, etc.

Finally I can say we have another good system optimization program. I am sure the future versions will be better and better.

This program can be downloaded from the official site The installer is very small, only 19 Mb ( after installation its size is 96 Mb ). It supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 ( 32/64 ), and it is available in English.  The installation process is very easy and simple. It takes only one minute to install program.

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