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Duplicate Content Allows You To Detect Duplicate Content Online [Web Master]

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Duplicate content on your website can hurt your website’s Google ranking, and can be a serious issue with respect to copyright violations as well. Duplicate Content is a web app that can help you detect similar content on two web pages. It is especially useful for web developers and bloggers who are interested in seeing similarity between two sites. It is a simple, online service that lets you check the extent of duplicity between two webpages by comparing the text as well as the HTML markup of both pages, and shows a comparison between the HTML, standard and smart text. You can also embed the duplicate checking code on your own website from the said web app. Details after the break.


Duplicate Content is completely free and doesn’t require you to input any information other than the target URLs. Hit the Check button to see results.

The web app will display a number of features such as HTML fingerprint and the distribution value. It will also show you the percentages of HTML, standard, smart and total text similarity.

Interested users who like this tool can easily copy the embedded code, and add it to their own website as Duplicate Content poses no restrictions and is free to copy.

Another useful feature of this app is Willy The Pig, which will help you find website headers and their HTML content. Just copy-paste the website’s URL, and a result will be displayed with the HTML code for your target URL’s header. It’s useful, ease-to-use, and can be found at the link below.

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