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Play Super Mario with Your Google Account

Posted In Games, Game Giveaways - By Jack on Thursday, November 17th, 2011 With No Comments »

Forget about having to install NES emulators or other similar software to play some of your favorite video games, because Google offers all kinds of goodies that you can add to your specific Google Account, one of them being the popular video game Super Mario. The game can be added directly to your Google Account, so you can use any web browser, not just Chrome. If you are a fan of the Mario series, you can add other Mariogames too, not just the original.

The best part about playing video games within Google is, it’s very simple and all you need is a Google Account. To get started, simply jump to the Google homepage. Once there, sign in using the Sign in link in the upper right corner of the Google page.

Once you have signed in, click the iGoogle link on the lower, left side of the page. This should redirect you to your iGoogle homepage, which is a customizable homepage provided by Google.


Click the Add Gadgets button, and you should be redirected to the Google Gadgets page. Using the Search for gadgets box, enter the term Mario and click the Searchbutton.

Google should return several results, including different versions of the Mario Games. Once you have found a Mario game that you want to add to Google, simply click the Add it now button.

Now, click the iGoogle logo to return to the homepage, where the game should now be added

That’s all there is to it. If you don’t want to add Mario, you can search iGoogle for other games using the same process. Thanks for stopping by the site for today’s post. If you are having trouble adding any games, leave a comment and I will try and help.

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