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View iPad and iPhone Space Usage Quickly

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Wondering why you only have 2 GB of space left on your iPad or iPhone? Is it too much music, too many videos, too many apps, or something else? You would be surprised at how quickly the data can be eaten up on your iPhone or iPad, especially the latter because of the heavier apps.

If you want to quickly see where all the space on your device is being used, follow the steps below for the iPhone or iPad. This article is assuming you have iOS 5 installed on your device.

iPhone/iPad Space Usage

The first thing to do is go to Settings on your device and click on General.


Next, tap on Usage up towards the top.

You can also see other types of data usage on this screen if you scroll down such as iCloud storage and Cellular usage. As you can see from above, mostly it’s my music taking up space on the iPhone. One thing you should note though with this screen.

For whatever reason, this usage screen does not show all the data that is being used on your device. For example, you will not see the Photos app listed here. So when you add everything up, it won’t necessarily match up with the amount of space that it says is being used at the top right. In my case 11.2 GB. My Photos app is taking up 5.4 GB, but it doesn’t show here.

The only place you can see that is in iTunes. Not sure why they would do that, but that’s the case!

On the iPad, it’s more useful because sometimes the apps themselves take up a whole lot of space. You can see mine below:

Who would have thought Time magazine and FIFA 11 could take up so much space! If you are running out of space and don’t ever play a game that you installed because it was on sale or something, then delete it to free up the space.

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