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View the Full Path of a Folder or File and Copy it in Windows 7

Posted In Windows - By Jack on Tuesday, November 1st, 2011 With No Comments »

If you have recently started using Windows 7, you’ll notice that the path in the address bar no longer displays in the traditional way (e.g., C:UsersLoriDocuments). It now displays as shown in the following image.

To view the classic full path, simply click in empty part of the address bar. The classic full path displays highlighted.

You can easily copy the path by right-clicking any part of the address and selecting Copy address or Copy address as text from the popup menu. The Copy address option is optimized for copying and pasting folders in Windows Explorer. The Copy address as text option is useful if you plan to paste the full path into a document.

The following article shows you how to easily copy the path for an individual file. This is especially useful if you want to upload a file to a website or open a file in a program without having to manually browse to the location in the Open dialog box.

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