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Free download Butt Art – Kids Learn to Draw Zoo Animals Step-by-Step

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We’re parents so we know kids can learn and be creative while also being silly. That’s why we created Everything Butt Art. Our iPad app and printed books teach step-by-step drawing with a twist – drawings start with a butt shape (a rounded lowercase w). Everything Butt Art has been praised by educators, techies, and parents alike. Give it a try!

We’re building creativity from the bottom up. Watch our promo video here:

Butt Art – Kids Learn to Draw Zoo Animals Step-by-Step

Art Teacher of the Year Review:
“The concept of Everything Butt Art immediately gains children’s attention and engagement. My elementary art students were proud of their ability to follow the step-by-step drawing instructions but even more proud of their very own Butt Art creations. They couldn’t stop talking about it and were overheard saying ‘this is the next big thing’—I agree.” —Bonnie Muir, 2008 Massachusetts Elementary Art Teacher of the Year

Editorial Reviews:
“It doesn’t get any cooler than Everything Butt Art at the Zoo… Up next? World domination, Angry Birds style.” —

“While it may not be so apparent at first, many, many things can be drawn when you start with the butt shape. And this unique approach is both humorous and simple enough to immediately engage children.” —

“An ingenious way to inspire children to start drawing.” —

“Everything Butt Art shows Snyder’s sense of humor and love for parenting.” —

Three different activities. 

  • Draw: Step-by-step instruction and tons of drawing features. Unlock badges for drawing accomplishments.
  • Read: Fun animal facts and beautiful full-page illustrations with audio and virtual page turning.
  • Butt Hunt: Search for the hidden butt shapes. They’re hidden all over in every illustration. They highlight as you find them, and a scoreboard keeps track. See if you can find them all.

Free download with in-app purchases.

  • No harm in downloading and giving the app a try. Only pay if it’s valuable, fun, and you want more.
  • Three animals come free and include step-by-step drawing, book pages, and shape search game (gorilla, tiger, ostrich).
  • Two add-on packs of six animals each. (Pack 1: snake, hippo, panda, bird, lion, zebra) (Pack 2: chameleon, alligator, snow monkey, kangaroo, giraffe, elephant)

Register for added benefits.

  • Use email or Facebook to create an account.
  • Add multiple profiles (each family member can have his or her own).
  • Save art to the cloud so it is accessible from anywhere and saved forever.
  • Earn badges for drawing accomplishments.
  • Get drawings emailed to you as they happen.
  • See an online app activity feed and gallery.

Drawing features.

  • Easy to trace steps. Turn off tracing lines to increase difficulty.
  • Freestyle mode.
  • Pencil layer on top, paintbrush layer on bottom. Makes it so you can draw something and then color it in without covering your original lines.
  • Endless colors with rainbow color slider.
  • 14 colorful, fun stamps.
  • Change size of pencil, paintbrush, eraser, and stamps.
  • Erase, undo, zoom, and move.

Visit this link and download Butt Art.

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