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Free online course with Code Year: CodeAcademy Code Year Interactive Computer Programming Lessons

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CodeAcademy think that basic programming is an essential skill that everyone should learn. To help newbies learn the basics of software coding, they have built a ‘Code Year’  platform which invites users to receive one free programming lesson each week online, in an interactive manner. According to Code Year, anyone can learn enough code to build their own apps and websites in just one year.

Free online course with Code Year

The course include:

Week 1:

Code Year begins with the basics! Getting Started with Programming will give you an introduction to JavaScript, a beginner-friendly programming language that we’ll cover with more depth in the next couple weeks..

For extra practice, we also have Fizzbuzz, a fun project designed to sharpen your new skills.

What else will you learn in Code Year? By the end of month one, you’ll start building your own game!

Week 2:

This week’s course is Functions in JavaScript. They store blocks of code that can be called upon at any time so we can avoid having to repeat ourselves. For extra practice, we have a project called Hello, New York and a review course called More Practice with JavaScript.

Need help with Code Year lessons? We know learning something new can be tricky. Get help with lessons on our new forums. Just look for the ‘Q&A’ button on lesson pages.

Week 3:

Time for your next Code Year lesson! This week’s course is Conditionals in JavaScript. We’ve been introduced to conditionals before with if-else statements, and today we learn more.

For extra practice, try the Dice Game project—you’ll make your own dice game! For a review of last week’s topic, functions, there’s also the new Starting a Startup project.

If you feel like you need more support or want to meet other Code Year folks, take your online learning to a Code Year Meetup! Already over a hundred cities have organized a meetup.

week 4:

This week we introduce your first challenge! Start off with a short lesson in ‘Primitives in Javascript’ which includes a review of syntax and for loops. After you are done with ‘Primitives’, have a go at the challenge ‘Blackjack: Deal ’em Up’. We will be building a blackjack game!

Every fourth week in Code Year, we will be building our blackjack game using tools we learn along the way. Challenges will be a little longer than projects, and a little more difficult. Our aim is to give you an opportunity to engage in real problems like a programmer!

To get the Course:

Sign up for Code Year for free to start receiving a new interactive programming lesson every Monday:

Each lesson has a forum which you can use to ask and answer questions. Click the ‘Q&A’ button in the top right of lesson page to access it.Hundreds of meetups have been organized in cities around the world. If you feel like you need more support or want to meet other Code Year folks!

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