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Get Alerted for Important Emails in Outlook (Add-in)

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Outlook 2010 is the best email client available for Windows and has lots of features. But how often have you been in a situation when you have missed an important email in the junk of newsletter emails. Not any more with this awesome add-in for Outlook, Important Mail Alert. This add-in will alert you whenever you receive an important email so that you will not miss them. You can configure the rules based on which the add-in will decide if the email is important or not. You can add words or phrases in the rules for identifying an important email.

Get Alerted for Important Emails in Outlook (Add-in)

Here, we have set “urgent” and “important” as the two key words for identifying the important emails. Now whenever you receive an email with these words, you get a notification on the desktop on top of all open application windows. The add-in’s bright yellow color will not miss your eyes, so you will not miss any important emails.

The add-in integrates perfectly into the email box inside Outlook and shows the important emails received. You can open the email message straight from the add-in pane.

Important Mail Alert add-in functions independent of your standard Outlook rules. Whatever your standard Outlook rules do to the message, wherever they move it, Important Mail Alert will fish it out.

The add-in is supported on Outlook 2010 (32-bit and 64-bit), Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003.

Download Important Email Alert

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