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Get free NotesTab from Apps Store

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NotesTab is an indispensable app and is the easiest piece of software you will ever use. Try it for a day and you’ll be hooked for life! This nifty app sits on your Mac’s menu bar and is available at the click of a button. It is perfect for jotting down a few lines as well as drafting that essay you’ve been pushing aside 🙂 


Good question! Whilst developing NotesTab, we found ourselves using it a lot more than we even expected. Soon after, we were convinced that this would be an app that literally everyone would find useful – so we thought, why charge for something that everyone should have the pleasure of using? 

Unlike other note taking apps, we focused on making a streamlined, practical and beautiful app that you will find yourself using each and every day. We avoided unnecessary features that may sound cool, but in reality, never get used as they are way too overcomplicated.

Get free NotesTab from Apps Store


Write down your thoughts and important pieces of information into NotesTab and have them saved instantly, character-by-character, ensuring you never need to click save. 


Via the Settings panel, you can set NotesTab to remain visible above other apps. This means you can easily copy/paste useful tidbits of information from other apps faster than ever! This is perfect for students, professionals… actually it’s perfect for everyone 🙂 


By clicking the ‘Share Note’ button at the bottom bar of an open note, you can instantly transport its contents to your e-mail client, with the body of the note becoming the body of your drafted e-mail. Pretty cool, huh?


Each note you write features a time stamp by its side which lets you view at a glance when that particular note was jotted down. 


Are you an obsessive notes taker? No problem, our high powered dynamic search allows you to find the particular note you’re looking for in seconds. 


The Settings panel in the app lets you assign your own hotkey for making NotesTab readily available with with just a click of your keyboard. 


We take pride in the fact that we’ve made NotesTab the slickest, simplest and best looking note taking app that you will use. The user interface, menu transitions and app icon are pixel perfect and a joy to use and look at.

Not convinced? Well, here’s how you can use NotesTab for all your every day needs: 

  • Take notes without opening a new app – NotesTab simply rests on your menu bar at all times
  • Particularly useful for students during lectures/classes, professionals in a meeting, etc.
  • You can easily copy and paste in text that you may later require
  • Got that million dollar idea? Make sure you take a note of it using this ever present app!
  • A great tool to help manage your passwords
  • Names, numbers, email addresses can all be jotted down in a jiffy
  • Take your MacBook to your kitchen and use NotesTab as a recipe manager!
  • Birthdays and presents – make a list of both to always keep at hand.

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 or later

Download FREE Notes Tab

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