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Get Windows 8 Lock Screen on Windows 7

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Windows 8 is Microsoft next OS after a huge success of Windows 7 but we still don’t know the exact date of its launch. Though the Developer preview is available to download which is still not recommended to be used in product environment.

Get Windows 8 Lock Screen on Windows 7

I downloaded and used it for few weeks; I found it pretty impressive with a fresh look and its feature to handle dual monitors beautifully. You can slide open application on the side and make good use of the widescreen of your monitor. It also lets your Pause the data transfer when you copy files on another storage device.

Now that I am back to Windows 7, one of the things I miss the most is the Screen Lock. It’s beautiful just you get it on your smartphones.

You can get a Windows 8 style Lock screen on Windows 7 by using WInLockPro.

It replaces your Old ( I would say boring) lock screen with this new Windows 8 style lock screen by showing a Screensaver of your choice and Time on the left hand side.

If you want more looks from Windows 8 then you can use the Windows 8 Transformation pack until Windows 8 is launched.

Download WinLockPro here

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