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Remove The “Sent via Blackberry” Signature From Emails

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Tired of sending people spam “Sent via ‘wireless company’ Blackberry” advertisements at the bottom of every email?  I know I am.  Follow this groovy guide to get rid of those Blackberry signature messages for good.

Remove The “Sent via Blackberry” Signature From Emails

How To Remove The Sent Via Blackberry Signature From Communications

1.   Visit the Blackberry site for your provider.  This MUST be done from a PC and not your Blackberry browser.  Once there, login.  You might need to create a new account if you are unable to login.

Verizon Wireless 

2.  Click the Edit button for the email you’re sending with your Blackberry.

3.   Under the Signature line, Erase all of the “Sent Via Blackberry…” text.  When finished Click Save.


Now when you send an email from your Blackberry your contacts will no longer see the “Sent via Blackberry…” advertisement at the bottom of messages.

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