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Seesmic Ping: Schedule Posts For Multiple Social Network Accounts

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From the team behind  renowned desktop, web and mobile social network (Facebook and Twitter) aggregator, Seesmic, comes Seesmic Ping – an Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7 app that lets you schedule updates for multiple social networks to a date and time of your choice. The app lets you attach images and URLs with each post, save posts to drafts, or schedule them to be published from as many different social media accounts as required. As of now, the app lets you post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Salesforce. Details to follow.

Seesmic Ping: Schedule Posts For Multiple Social Network Accounts

First up, you must log in to the app with a valid Seesmic ID. Don’t have one? You can sign up for a new account from within the app for free. From the screen that follows, associate all the required social media accounts with the app. You can add multiple accounts for each social network.

Once all accounts have been set up, you’re taken to the app’s main interface from where you can compose a new post, attach the required URL or image with it, and schedule it. The social network icons at the bottom-left of the screen display the services on which the post will be shared. The digit displayed on each icon indicates the number of accounts selected for a particular service. To manage all the accounts and services, tap the profile icon at the top of the screen. From the accounts screen, you can add a new account by tapping Menu > Add.

Once you’ve composed your message, schedule it by tapping the clock icon at the bottom. From within the screen that follows, select the month, date and time (in splits of five minutes), and hit the envelope icon at the top-right of screen to save the message to the pending list, from where it will automatically be posted to the selected networks when the scheduled time arrives (that is, if you’re connected to the internet at said time).

The app keeps you apprised of sent messages via status bar notifications.

Tapping Menu lets you access the app’s Settings screen from where you can select the default size for image attachments. From the same menu, you can opt to save the current post to drafts, or Log out of the app. To check a detailed log of all Pending, and sent messages, as well as those saved to Drafts, tap the More/Menu button at the bottom-right of the app’s post composition screen.

Seesmic Ping is free for all three mobile platforms. Download links to all variants of the app are provided below.

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